Corning, NY- Inn at the Gaffer Grille

After a long day at the Corning Museum of Glass, it was time to check in to our hotel- The Inn a the Gaffer Grille. Let me just say that we did not have high hopes when driving up to it.  It is above a bar and restaurant; the parking lot steps going up to it are metal fire escape steps. BC was wondering what I got us into and I had my fingers crossed for a happy surprise.

IMG_6051 (2)

And it was a happy surprise we received! This is my favorite hotel room of the trip! It was not a room, it was suite! A big one with a fireplace!

IMG_6054 (2)

And a king size bed! (notice the amount of exclamation points)

IMG_6052 (2)

The tub was jetted! I am a happy camper.

IMG_6053 (2)

The Inn at the Gaffer Grille is on Market Street, which is the main entertainment street in Corning, is filled with shops and restaurants. One of these restaurants is Hand + Foot– which sounds like an illness but I digress.  We stopped in the industrial looking restaurant for some drinks:

IMG_2298 (2)

The Manhattan was on the sweeter side and just my style- superb! The beer list here is pretty unreal- a good selection of local and interesting beers, plus a few normal ones to keep everyone happy. Two very enthusiastic thumbs up on our drink choices.

IMG_2302 (2)

For an appetizer we ordered the beer cheese + pretzel:

IMG_2303 (2)

This was downright amazing. Delicious cheese, even more delicious buttery pretzel.

The owner brought us out a new dish that is not on the menu yet. It is a sort of a Thai rice bowl with ramps and all sorts of wonderful things. BC said it reminded him of a savory rice pudding.  I am not doing enough to describe how tasty this dish was. Hopefully he puts it on the menu.

IMG_2304 (3)

For entrees we ordered some sandwiches. BC’s catfish was only okay but my fried pork belly bahn mi was a winner.

IMG_2307 (2)

BC told the owner if they opened up in Baltimore, we would be eating there all the time. #truth

Tonight there was the big opening for the Contemporary Art + Design Wing at the Corning Museum of Glass. We wandered back over there to get a nice walk in and see all the festivities.  It was a free event for the public and wow, was it crowded.  There were bands, free food, and free admission to the new wing.

IMG_6055 (2)

We had a good time but just needed to crash in our awesome suite, drink wine, and watch The Breakfast Club. Tomorrow is the last day of  our Finger Lakes vacation Sad smile

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