Around the Island of Crete, Greece

Our time in Crete took us to small villages, bigger cities, markets, craft stores, churches, and beaches.  We started off at the Agora- the market.  The Agora of a city is usually the social epicenter and today it was also a political one.  There were planned protests against the local government for later in the day so we had to go early- before lunch.  So we didn’t get to eat any of the good looking pastries, olives, and more.

Greek CruiseCreteolives

It is like the Wegman’s olive bar but better!

And tons of smelly cheese!

Greek CruiseCretecheese

Not all of Greece is white washed churches with blue domes. Sometimes they have white domes too 🙂

Greek CruiseCretechurch

But like most smaller towns Greece, Crete has the small doorways and nooks with whitewash and blue doors that make for the most photogenic and peaceful entry areas.

Greek CruiseCretebluedoor

Crete is an island surrounding by the blue Mediterranean waters. All of the views are magnificent.

Greek CruiseCreteme

Crete has a large olive/olive oil and grape/wine economy. Two of my very favorite things.

Greek Cruiseolivetrees

My favorite area of Crete was the cute boardwalk and shoreline in the city of Chania. It is a little touristy but the restaurants and shops overlooking the water make for a lovely stroll along the water.

Greek CruiseCreteshoreline

At the end of the pier in Chania is this grand lighthouse.

Greek CruiseCretelighthouse

Outside of Chania, a tiny church which was placed as close to the sea as possible.  How cool is this!?! I’m sure they have good flood insurance 🙂

Greek CruiseCreteWhitechurch2

The only downside to Crete is that we never found a good beach. This one was one of the better options, it had some sand- a lot do not.

Greek CruiseCretebeach

A beach vacation to Crete may not be the best idea but sightseeing, drinking wine, eating cheese, olives, and olive oil are very good things to do here.

If you had to choose between wine, cheese, or olive tasting- which would you choose? I think I’d go with cheese but they are all tempting!

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