Culinary Delights in Jordan

If you have been reading Andrea on Vacation for long, you know that food is probably my favorite part about traveling. Experience new dishes and ingredients in a new place one excellent way to learn about another culture. In Jordan, we ate barbeque cooked under the sand in Wadi Rum, Jordanian bites under a trellis in the garden, and a home-cooked meal in my tour guide’s house. Each of these memorable meals added something special to my amazing trip of Jordan.

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Jordan is not known as a culinary destination so it was a treat to have amazing food the entire trip. I did a lot of hiking on this trip so there were a lot of big family style dinners. 

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But not every meal was so fancy. We ate cucumbers, hard boiled eggs, and pita with sheep in a canyon.


A very simple roadside restaurant outside of Amman was one of my best meals. Jordanian “quesadilla” of sorts along with a meat kebab wrap (and hummus, not pictured):

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Marshmallows over the fire in Wadi Rum was not necessarily a Jordanian experience but chilly, desert setting for dessert made it so.

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But before marshmallows, our hosts in Wadi Rum cooked up a feast of chicken, lamb, hummus (always hummus!), pita, salad, and more.

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Eating barbeque cooked under the sand was a new thing for me and it was amazing.

20190116_173822 (2)

Showing us how it is done:

20190116_173954 (2)

After a full 13 mile hike through Petra, dinner could not come soon enough. Our friendly waiter that night wanted us to try Mansaf, a Bedouin-Jordanian classic, that he told us was his favorite. When in doubt, always order as the locals do.


You eat the lamb Mansaf with your hands using the bready tortilla-like thing as the utensil. It was delicious and I ate the whole thing! Plus a lot of hummus that we shared at practically every meal. Our group was all about the hummus.


My favorite food from Jordan is the dessert Knafeh. A cheese-filled phyllo dough dessert, soaked with sugary syrup. It is savory and sweet and the best thing ever!

20190112_183723 (2)

The food in Jordan was a surprise for me in a good way. I had delicious, fresh food everyday. The cooking techniques vary but a hearty yet light cuisine filled me up for more hikes and sightseeing.

Reader Question: Have you ever eaten Jordanian food? I don’t think I ever been to a true Jordanian restaurant. Do you have one in your town/city?

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