Dana Biosphere Reserve and Little Petra

In an effort to break up a long drive from the Dead Sea to Petra, Dana Biosphere Reserve was a great place to hop out of the van, hike for a few hours, eat a picnic lunch, and keep on trucking towards Petra.

20190114_123930-01 (2)

The Dana Biosphere Reserve hike was the most fun hike of the whole trip because we were able to scramble up rocks and meet a whole bunch of sheep and a few shepherds. It was a bit windy and chilly so all my warm clothes made another appearance. I did not think Jordan was going to be this cold. Next time I will believe my weather app!


We had hot tea made over an open fire by our hiking guide and a primitive packed lunch of some raw veggies, hard boiled eggs, and pita bread, and cheese. While we ate we hung out with the sheep, the dogs who accompany them, and a few shepherds that practiced their English on us while we practiced our Arabic on them. I’m learning a little bit!

20190114_133431 (2)

We stopped a lot to scramble up rocks and take funny group photos. The scenery reminded me a lot of Utah and Canyonlands National Park.

20190114_122044 (2)

Yoga poses:


The G Adventures group I’m traveling with is a great group of people. Sometimes on group vacations, traveling with high maintenance, closed-minded, or even people who only talk about home can be grating on a group. But this group was a diverse (2 American, 2 Canadian, 2 Swiss-German, 1 Korean, 1 South African, 1 Scot) and fun group and I enjoyed exploring Jordan with them.

IMG-20190114-WA0005-01 (2)

After a fun morning at the Dana Biosphere Reserve, we drove the remaining distance towards Petra. We opted to adjust the itinerary a bit and ended up exploring Little Petra, just sneaking in the front entrance a few minutes before they “closed”. Technically they close at 5pm but won’t let anyone in after 4pm. We skirted through at 3:55pm.

DSC00590 (2)

Little Petra is about 7 miles hiking distance from “big” Petra. Both sections were part of the huge city/trading post that connected traders and businesspeople at the crossroads of Africa and Asia.

The best view in the world?

20190114_160926 (2)

Not really so much. But we went to check it out anyway.

20190114_161157 (2)

As aptly named Little Petra is much smaller than Petra. We explored for an hour and that was enough time for us. Plus, if you go super late in the day, no one is visiting and you get the place to yourself.

20190114_164818 (2)

The amazing Petra is up next!

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  1. Chaitali says:

    That’s great that the group got along so well! I’ve never tried a group vacation for pretty much that reason.

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