Darling Harbor and Sydney Aquarium

Arriving into Sydney, Australia was a gorgeous thing.  We got a good “parking spot” near the opera house and Harbor Bridge and tendered into port under the bridge.  This was my view at breakfast.

Sydney in the morning 2

A great start to the day!

Sydney in the morning

As soon as the ship started tendering people to shore, we hopped on. Getting a cab to Darling Harbor was not so easy in the morning but eventually we hailed a cab and made our way a cluster of museums in Sydney.

Sydney Darling Harbor

Darling Harbor is home to the Sydney Aquarium, Sydney Wildlife World, Australian National Maritime Museum,

Sydney Boats at the National Maritime Museum

Powerhouse Museum, Chinese Garden of Friendship, and the Sydney Fish Market. The pedestrian bridge and large promenades made the Darling Harbor a great touristy spot.  I’m sure real Sydney-dwellers do not hang out here but it was neat- the neighborhood next to it looked like somewhere I’d want to live.

Darling Harbor Pedestrian Bridge

The Sydney Fish Market was a bust.  Tours start at 7am which was well before we arrived, and we were not there around lunch to eat some seafood.  Mostly it was a working facility and tourists can surely skip it unless you want seafood for lunch.

Sydney Aquarium jellyfish

Mom and I decided to visit the Aquarium.  We have both been to Sydney before (but separately) so we wanted to do some new things we hadn’t done before.  The Aquarium was a very excellent aquarium. Maybe not quite as nice as the National Aquarium in Baltimore but fun nonetheless.

Sydney Aquarium Duck Billed Platypus

Sydney Aquarium colorful fish

My favorite animal we saw were the dugongs.  The Sydney Aquarium has two which were both rescued from the wild (they were dying) so they live here.  I’m not big on caged animals but if injured or not able to take care of themselves in a natural habitat, I see no problem with having a happy life in an aquarium.

Sydney Aquarium Dugong

A relative of the manatee- these dugongs were so cute and were hilarious. This guy kept posing for us on top of the water tunnel.

Sydney Aquarium Mom

The Sydney Aquarium has what I shall term “water tunnels” that tourists can walk through and fish, sharks, sting rays, and dugongs swim around you on all sides and above.  They are neat!

Sydney Aquarium water tunnels

The Sydney Aquarium is expensive at $40 per person but you can do a combination ticket with Sydney Wildlife World next door and get $10 off. Mom and I did that because she wanted to see some koalas.

Sydney Wildlife World

They were sleeping….shocker! I don’t think I’ve ever seen a koala awake. Considering they sleep 18 or more  hours a day (source), I guess that is not surprising. But they are cute!

Sydney Wildlife world Koala2

More to come from Sydney! Stay tuned!

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  1. Megan says:

    Ha mom has a bad memory. She did the aquarium with me in Sydney. Oh well maybe it seemed new and different to her.

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