Day 4- The Barranco Wall to base camp


Day 4 was my favorite day of the trek- hiking from the Barranco Wall to Base Camp.  We started off by tackling the Barranco Wall.  The Barranco Wall was more of the climb than a hike.  We had to rock climb and “hug the rock” a few times.  Luckily we had Norbert to help us not fall off the mountain.  I love rock climbing so I really enjoyed this.   Barrancowall

photo credit to American Dave

At least we didn’t have to carry all this stuff up the wall.  It was amazing how fast the porters were climbing and still keeping their balance.


photo credit to  New Zealand Kate

It was a day that brought the climb to 4550 meters or 15000 feet.  One more short sleep til we hike to the summit.


photo by American Dave

The views were beautiful although it is even cold in the sun now.  The terrain was alpine desert, the only animal I saw all day was the mighty raven.  The trail joined up with other groups that were on other routes besides the Machame route which we hiked so it was a little more crowded than I liked.   Kiligroup

photo by American Dave

Luckily it was sunny most of the day, our frozen clothes from yesterday thawed out and dried.  Dinner was elderly early, 4pm.  We all have to be in bed by 7 as wake-up call is at 1130pm tonight.  At midnight we start the long, dark, cold hike up to the summit in an attempt to reach it at sunrise.

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  1. Megan says:

    OK how much did you have to pay those guys carrying up all your stuff? Worth every penny to not have to carry your own crap I bet!

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