Day After RAGBRAI- Mickey’s Country Café

The day after I finished my 228 mile portion of RAGBRAI, included sleeping in late, eating a huge breakfast, taking a two hour nap, beer, and more eating. I woke up with sore legs and hunger pangs. We couldn’t do much about the sore legs besides walk it out so we tackled the hunger problem head on.

IMG_2999 (2)

Mom wanted to take me to Mickey’s Country Café– the best breakfast joint in this part of Eastern Iowa. They have a weekend breakfast buffet but I opted to order from the menu. Biscuits and gravy, bacon (eaten too fast to be in this photo!), hash browns, and eggs.  Holy food Batman!

IMG_3002 (2)

Mom ordered a pancake that was bigger than her head.

IMG_3003 (2)

All of this food was amazing! I will be coming back here next time I visit Mom in Iowa. A few weeks ago BC and I went to Cracker Barrel, as he requested for his birthday breakfast. It was not good. Maybe I just don’t understand the appeal.  Mickey’s Country Café was 1000 times better than Cracker Barrel, and just as cheap.

Iowa restaurant lawn decorations:

IMG_3009 (2)

This made me laugh. My ass is feeling nice and tight so my day should be nice too!

IMG_3014 (2)

Mom and I did some shopping in the afternoon and did the tour of  my hometown. We stopped and talked to my friend and her kids and then had some lemon ice cream at the Tastee Freez- childhood memories at it’s finest.

Breakfast at Mickey’s Country Café really held us over. A beer happy hour at the Bierstube in LeClaire  with Lindemann’s Framboise for Mom  and a local pilsner for me.

IMG_2995 (2)

The beer put me right out for my 2 hour nap.  It was epic. Basically, it was the perfect day to have after a big endurance event. A little bit of walking to shake out the legs, piles of good food, and a lot of rest.

Have you ever done an endurance race or ride- triathalon, bike, run, or swim? How long does it take you to recover?

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  1. Melissa says:

    Congrats on finishing your RAGBRAI leg, and how perfect that you saw that chalkboard sign the day after such a long ride. That part of this post made me laugh, and the biscuits & gravy just made me hungry for a diner-style American breakfast. 🙂

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