Day in Sideman, Bali


For some reason we thought taking a walk through Sideman, Bali on the most humid day ever was a good idea.  It was maybe two degrees cooler today and we got all excited.  Sideman is just a smallish village in East Bali.  Everyone was so nice but we were so over sweating all day.  Here are the highlights:

Sideman, Bali rice fields

A sweaty me in the rice fields.

Sideman, Bali homemade car

An awesome homemade car.

Sideman, Bali threadmaking

Thread making

Sideman, Bali banana leaf lunch

My favorite meal so far- this fantastic lunch was made by the tour driver’s wife.  She put all the food into in a banana leaf so we could have a picnic by the river. Included is tempeh, chicken, noodles, and cucumber with a side of hot sauce of course.  Fresh and delicious lunch for sure.

Sideman, Bali lunch by the river

And finally the pool, where we spent our afternoon splashing around in the the cool water. The pool was so such a wonderful thing to return back to. Pretty much our entire group spent hours lounging in the scenic pool area.

Sideman, Bali infinity pool

I can stop complaining about the heat for a bit because we are heading higher into the mountains to climb a volcano.  We start at 3am so it will be much cooler.  More from Bali soon!

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  1. June 24, 2015

    […] climbed a volcano! Well, mostly anyway.  My group started off the day in Bali in the dark at 3am to start climbing Mt. Batur.  The 2.5 hour journey was a crisp and refreshing […]

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