Daytrip to Delos

Delos columns

Today we took a daytrip to Delos after our cruise ship docked in Mykonos.  Delos is a now uninhabited island near Mykonos.  Delos was the place of trade and a thriving city since before the Birth of Christ.  It is a short boat ride from Mykonos and a great daytrip if you are staying on Mykonos for a few days or the weather does not permit a fun beach day.

Delos Ruins

It was a religious sanctuary before turning into a commercial port.  In 88 BC, invaders came to Delos and killed almost all inhabitants (20,000) and destroyed the city.  Soon after the ancient city ceased to exist. Since the late 1800s, archeologists have been excavating Delos and learning about the ancient city that once thrived.

Greek CruiseDelos6

Greek mythology places the birth of Apollo and Artemis at Delos. If you are big on Greek mythology or just love Homer’s Illiad and Odyssey, you would love this island and its history.

Greek CruiseDelos2

White marble everywhere. A few of the marble columns still stand.  There is some restoration going on in Delos.

Greek CruiseDelos5

Greek CruiseDelos

Almost all the floor of a rich household remains.  It is very cool that you can still see the designs that were popular many, many centuries ago.

Delos floor

Terrace of Lions: they look a little like dog statues rather than lions these days.

Greek CruiseDelosdogs

And my favorite: The Temple of Dionysus

Look in the background behind the headless guy. See that statue?  Any guesses as to what it may be?

Greek CruiseDelosDionysis

Yes, it is a giant penis statue.  Dionysus was the god of wine and ecstasy so it makes sense.  Mom and I giggled a lot and I took an inappropriate amount of photos.

Delos Penis Statue

Today was a bit windy, cold, with some rain.  Bring an umbrella and head to Delos for the morning.  We did our exploring in about 3-4 hours but it depends on how good your guide is at telling stories.

Greek CruiseDelos4

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