Death Valley National Park

After visiting the lush and wonderful Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks, we started the tail end of our RV roadtrip. Since we flew in and out of Las Vegas, Death Valley was on the way and definitely something I wanted to experience.

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Since it was October when we were here, you couldn’t fry an egg on the sidewalk like some have tried during the summer months. But it was still quite hot.

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The worst part though was the crazy strong winds. Think 50-60 mph wind gusts, blowing dirt and sand everywhere. There was almost zero visibility at some points on the drive through the park.

Death Valley

The drive through Death Valley National Park is quite boring. Lots of desert, sand, with little plant and animal life. But there is a nearby military base so a few awesome fighter jets were doing maneuvers over hills.

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I tried to snag a photo of them flying overhead but no luck- they were too fast. (and very, very loud!)

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At Stovepipe Wells, there is a general store, gas station, hotel, and restaurant. We went inside the general store to buy some cold drinks and give our Jucy RV a rest. The steep inclines on the road plus the heat is a recipe for an overheated engine.

IMG_9083 (2)

After Stovepipe Wells is where we hit the biggest inclines. Luckily I learned a great lesson earlier in life- turn the car heater on while attempting steep-grade inclines. My dad overheated the mini-van a lot when the family roadtripped out West until we learned this trick.

IMG_9085 (2)

And it worked like a charm. The engine did get hot but not enough to cause problems. I can’t even imagine what it would have been like in a giant camper.

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Now that we were on the other side of Death Valley around 4pm, it was time to find a campground. Furnace Creek has the biggest campground areas and seemed like the place to go. But man, it was sooooooo windy, hot and miserable. We went inside Furnace Creek to ask the rangers what they thought we should do and saw this:

IMG_7886 (2)

It made us both laugh. And decide we weren’t the only ones and high-tailed it out of Death Valley, on our way to Las Vegas.

IMG_7888 (2)

We took some sign pictures on our way out. BC lost his hat- it was a good one too. Hat blowing in the wind:

IMG_9093 (2)

See ya Death Valley National Park- I’m probably going to skip this one should I find myself in the area again.  But if you want to visit an inhospitable environment for a change of pace, this is your place!

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Reader Question: Have you ever been to Death Valley? Did you like it? Any desire to see such a crazy environment if you haven’t been?

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    You remembered to turn the heater on! I bet BC thought you were insane.

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