Deerfield Spa- Day 2


Day 2 at Deerfield Spa in East Stroudsburg, PA started off with a sunrise hike at 6:30am.  Normally on vacation I would never get up that early but I went to bed at 9:30pm the night before because I was so tired and relaxed from my massage.

Deerfield Spa hiking van

The hiking van took us to a nearby trail called Turn Farm Trailhead on the Delaware River which is part of the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area.

Me in the tall trees:

Deerfield Spa hike me

Deerfield Spa hike

Bright orange Salamander:

Deerfield Spa Orange Salamader

Breakfast was at 8am after the sunrise hike.  I ordered an egg white omelet with cheddar, grapefruit, and a banana.  Since I don’t usually eat much breakfast this meal was fine with me.

Deerfield Spa Egg White Omlet

During the morning sessions I took a yoga class,  a butt toner class, and another stretching class on the sports court.

Deerfield Spa Sports Court

I will definitely be more flexible after this trip!  I also ran 2 miles for some cardio.  One thing about the class selection on the weekends is that there is not many cardio opportunities.

Lunch and relaxation was on my agenda for the afternoon.  The starter salad:

Deerfield Spa salad

I also had a turkey quesadilla which was pretty good.  I was so hungry I forgot to take a photo.

Pool time! The pool at Deerfield Spa is great.  They heat it up to 85 degrees all the time.

Deerfield Spa pool

There are 1 or 2 pool exercise classes per day.  The 3pm class was a pool class and I felt bad just laying there watching them so I joined in the fun and enjoyed myself.

If you don’t shower and attempt to look nice at the spa for dinner, you will just be in your yoga pants all day.  While that is okay sometimes, it is good to get out of those gym clothes too.  I was given a new Belle Hop cosmetics case to review from LCI Brands–  I love the color!


You can buy it on Amazon here.

It was very handy to keep the few cosmetics I needed for the weekend in here.  I did bring some samples of beauty products you get from Sephora to try out.  I just have them sitting around at home unused so I figured the spa would be a perfect place to try them out.


The dual compartments zip apart if you ever bring just a few cosmetics (but who does that!).  Very functional and cute!

Time to hang out in the lounge and chat with the other patrons. They do feed us veggies and dip and tea prior to dinner.

Deerfield Spa lounge

Everyone here is pretty interesting.  Some are here to lose weight, some for the massages and facials, and one really fun woman is here for 2 months straight because she thinks New York City in the summer is too hot.  She has been coming to Deerfield for the summer for years now.

Deerfield Spa Driveway

It is a pretty spot in the Poconos Mountains and fairly close to New York City.  If I was a rich lady, I may do the same!

Deerfield Spa Hammock

One more day at Deerfield Spa before my spa weekend is over Sad smile

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