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Destinations Part 1- Iceland


I am starting a new series of posts called Destinations.  The point is to highlight the places that I would recommend people add to their travel plans.  After having traveled all over the world for 2 years, the question comes up “Where was your favorite place?”  Since I didn’t have just one or two favorites, it is a hard/long question to answer.  All the places included in my Destination series are my favorites, the places I think you should make time to do sometime in your life.

Blue Lagoon outside Reykjavik:


Iceland was one the first stop on my second big trip of my “sabbatical”.  I was on my way to Russia (via Helsinki, Finland) and Iceland Air had the best faire from Washington, DC Dulles to Helsinki, changing planes in Reykjavik, Iceland.  Iceland Air is awesome because you can take a free stopover of up to 7 nights. I took 3 nights, 4 days to do as much as I could in Iceland.  Reykjavik and Iceland in general is very expensive.  This is not the destination to do gourmet breakfast, lunch, and dinner unless you want to blow your budget in a day.



However, the best way to see Iceland is to camp.  Renting an RV or renting a car and tent camping are very popular and the cheapest options for accommodations.  I stayed in a shared dorm with 5 other ladies and it was still $50 a night at KEX hostel in Reykjavik.  If I can get a travel buddy who wants to go to Iceland I would definitely try to get them to camp for part of the trip.

Have you ever seen water this clear?!?!


7 days is probably the right amount of time to see a lot of Iceland.  My day tour involved a lot of time in the car.  But the scenery was beautiful and there were pretty waterfall stops often.  The Geysir Hot Springs and the Golden Circle, Blue Lagoon hot springs, and Jokulsarlon glacier lake were my favorite stops.  There are obviously more things to see and do and some I really want to visit.


Someday I will be back to Iceland.  It was one of my favorite destinations on my world travels.

Jokulsarlon is my favorite scenery I’ve ever seen:


Iceland- add it to your bucket list!


7 thoughts on “Destinations Part 1- Iceland

  1. Sold! I think Iceland should be the destination for our traditional “roadtrip with a newborn.” Reagan and I will be happy to rent a car and camp in a tent. 🙂 I see nothing that could go wrong with this plan!

  2. The Blue Lagoon is amazing! We went there last year and loved it…your post makes me want to go back!

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