Dewey Beach Saturday

Some of the best laid plans (a.k.a. beach weekends) end up looking like this. You can’t win them all.

IMG_2473 (2)

While sad, it is good to have a non-beach plan.  Here is mine from last Saturday! Dewey Beach, Delaware is known as a party town. Every Saturday at 5pm the siren sound and the most fun 3 hours of your weekend commences- Jam Session at The Bottle and Cork.


Three cover bands each play their best tunes for an hour while the listeners drink crushes, Bud Light, and Jell-O shots. Seriously, it is a few of the wait staff’s job to make the Jell-O and sell them.

Once you have your fill of cover bands, you and your friends wander off into the night in search of food. In Dewey Beach, It is very easy to get a beer and a slice of pizza but not so easy to get a glass of wine and some fine dining. But every once in a while (especially as I get older), you need to class it up a bit.

IMG_2465 (2)

Last week the Dewey Beer Co. opened its’ doors. They have 5-7 of their beers on tap at any time. I went for the Belgian Amber and BC had the IPA. Both good.

IMG_2469 (2)

My friends Kate and Rebekah opted out of pizza again and ordered some deviled egg hummus to tide them over. It tasted like normal hummus, not sure where the deviled egg part comes in but tasty none the less.

IMG_2471 (2)

I’m pretty excited something so different opened at the beach. I’m sure we will be back many times over the summer for something a little different.

The weather improved just in time for sunset.  Make sure you always are at North Beach Bar on the bay side of Route 1 in Dewey for some gorgeous sunset views.

IMG_2332 (3)

Sunday morning we woke up to this and hit the beach for a few hours before returning to the real world.  Until next time, Dewey Beach.


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