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Day 1 of my work conference was a lot of fun! Learning happened of course but a lot of the conference is networking.  After today’s learning sessions there was a cocktail party that had the best party appetizers ever.

Nashville Cocktail Party

Shrimp deviled eggs, goat cheese topped strawberry, peanut hummus, and pimento cheese toasts.  I love pimento cheese and deviled eggs so I was a very happy girl.  And doesn’t love goat cheese and strawberries.

While I was taking pictures of my food the President of the company came up to me and started up a great conversation about the conference and my job in general.  It was slightly embarrassing that I got caught taking pictures of my food but he thought is was fun.

Next up was dinner at The Farm House Nashville. The table ordered more deviled eggs, pimento cheese, and fried pig ears to start.  Actually we all wanted to try the pig ears but no one was brave enough to say so.  Man, I’m so glad we did.  They were delicious.

Fried Pig Ears The Farm House Nashville

From the Menu: Crispy Pig Ears – TN sweet and sour, benne butter

The sweet and sour glaze made them taste like sweet pork rinds but better.

For my main course I ordered the short ribs.  The mushrooms in front were superb and the meat was so tender.  An all-around awesome entrée.

The Farm House Nashville short ribs

From the menu: Short Rib- Trumpet Royal Mushrooms, Turnips, Red Wine Cipollini Onion, Mizuna Lettuce, Bay Laurel Jus, Tomato Gravy

The Farm House Nashville was definitely a meat-centric place so vegetarians beware.  I would definitely return here for dinner if I was staying at the Nashville Omni again- it was only a 5 minute walk.

After dinner the group walked to Barlines back at the Nashville Omni Hotel.  Barlines was a really fun bar/restaurant with live music every night we were there.

Barlines music Omni Nashville

It was fun watching all the people country dance and the music was always great.

If you go to Barlines- order the maple smash.

More from Nashville coming up!

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