Dinner in Lima


I’m sorry for the boring post to follow, my night was all about food. Dinner in Lima tonight was delicious!  My feet have blisters on them from walking around/hiking/rafting in flip flops so sightseeing is hard.

An uneventful plane ride from Cusco (yay!  no death drops this flight!) brought me to Lima for a few days or relaxing.  I met up with some friends for dinner at a hotspot called Tanta.  Tanta is a restaurant owned by some uber-cool Peruvian chef, in my mind I’m thinking the Peruvian Emril or Bobby Flay or something like that.  It was very tasty!

Ceviche is a Peruvian classic so why not try it here:

Lima 006

Yes it looks totally gross but it is really, really good.  I promise.  Giant chunks of fish marinated in lime juice and stuff.  Healthy too.

Lima 011

My least favorite part about this dish and Peruvian food in general is the giant corn.  They are big on corn here.  They love corn in everything and have giant corn kernels that are kind of mushy and not sweet like fantastic Iowa sweet corn.  (biased much, why yes I am)

Most favorite dish in Peru so far is this guy:

Lima 012

No clue what the name of this is though.  I pointed at it on the menu to order from the waiter because the first word in the description was Delicious.  Really, all the menu said for the description: Delicious.  I’m a sucker for such a fantastic non-food description of a menu item.  It truly was delicious so it worked out.

Turns out it was a fresh veggie patty fried like a latke with yummy dipping sauces and grilled bread.  Sounds weird but was awesome.

More awesome than this guinea pig our table got the last night in Cusco.

MachuPicchu 072

Ewwww!!!!!  No I couldn’t even try it.  I just kept picturing Sam and Gus (Courtney’s guinea pigs).  No bueno!

But the view at the restaurant in Cusco made up for it.

MachuPicchu 074

More fun tomorrow and another fancy dinner in Lima.  I will try my best to do something besides eat.

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4 Responses

  1. Courtney says:

    I am so, so happy you did not eat guinea pig!!! That is even less appealing than ceviche.

    And I love food pics. 🙂 Not boring!

  2. Michael Cohen says:

    Courtney’s too nice to correct you, but I’m unencumbered by such social niceties; their names were Shawn and Gus. But it’s still sweet you thought of them!

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