Dover Downs Track Tour

Nicknamed the Monster Mile, Dover International Speedway at Dover Downs was a fun place to visit. While no NASCAR races were happening while I was there, we had free reign of the track on a tour.

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The grading on the Dover International Speedway is 9% on the straightaways and 24% on the curves. It made for some interesting driving along the one mile speedway.

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High above the track in the VIP section, seats are autographed by NASCAR drivers signing their corresponding race car numbers. Unfortunately most viewers will never make it up here. The race has to be named after you or your company to make it to these fancy, air-conditioned seats.

20180625_173210 (2)

A visit to Victory Lane to pretend I had won the race.


If a NASCAR is on your bucket list, certain hotel rooms at Dover Downs have fantastic views of the track (and are a lot less noisy than being on the track says this audiologist). This was the view from my hotel room window (Room 369).


Occasionally Dover International Speedway and Dover Downs host horse racing as well on the infield. I’m not a huge NASCAR viewer but enjoy watching the ponies now and then (especially Preakness). And BC was just here last week with his best friend for the Firefly Music Festival that happens in June. It is one of the biggest music festivals on the East Coast.

Hanging out in Pit Row:

20180625_174426 (2)

After our little tour of the track, my group went back inside Dover Downs lobby bar to cool off, have some cocktails, and appetizers. It was about 90 degrees with 90% humidity during our tour making for some amazing humid hair Smile Wine and chicken salad in a martini glass for me.

20180625_170641 (2)

So far I’m having a great time in Dover. I’ve won $47 on the slots (yay me!) and have seen a Neil Diamond impersonator, which was a fun sing-along type show. I may only know Sweet Caroline but that was good enough for me.

Reader Question: Have you ever been to a NASCAR race? Did you have fun? Was it noisy?

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  1. Courtney Carver says:

    No self respecting audiologist would ever go there during a race! (Just kidding. I’ve been. Twice. And I have the Miles plush to prove it. ) Next time I’m setting up a free booth to check for proper insertion of hearing protection. Come with?

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