Dubrovnik Sunsets

While walking the walls around Old Town Dubrovnik was my favorite tourist activity, there is a lot going on in and above Old Town Dubrovnik as well. Game of Thrones fanatics come in droves for GOT tours. For the non-GOT fans there are an abundance of historic walking tours through Old Town, sea kayaking, and boat rides available to keep you busy. I really want to try sea kayaking next time!

20190525_160855 (2)

Red and yellow kayaks in the crystal clear waters:

20190525_134132 (2)

Game of Thrones enthusiasts:

20190526_125011 (2)

My group and I made special plans for sunset at the top of Srd Hill. There was a gondola built to take you to the top of the mountain but apparently someone didn’t pay their taxes so they had to shut it down. These days you can hike or taxi up to the top. We taxied and veered around those sharp curves- it was harrowing at times when two cars met going opposite directions!

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We brought snacks like hummus, crackers, cheese, stuffed peppers, pate, baguettes and more. And of course all the wine!

20190525_195407 (2)

We bought a lot of our favorite Macedonian red  T’Ga Za Jug, as well as some Albanian and Montenegrin wines. I was nominated to be the sommelier for the evening and I provided some nice commentary on the different wines. (I’m kidding about the nice commentary- I was making up stuff).


The sunset and views from the top of Srd Hill were amazing! An excellent nighttime excursion for sure.

20190525_205738 (2)

My first night in Dubrovnik we slept in a hotel about a 15 minute bus ride away from Old Town. This was not my favorite, I’m all about being in the center of all the action. But the location itself was pretty and had lots of restaurants and shops (albeit mediocre). Plus this was the view at the end the street down from my hotel.

20190525_120419 (3)

After my traveling group tour ended (2 weeks of togetherness was plenty!), I stayed in Old Town Dubrovnik one night solo. I enjoyed staying in Old Town so much more. And because it was shoulder season (although still really crowded), the prices were much more reasonable.

Daytime crowds:

20190525_162313 (2)

Pleasant nighttime stroll down the main avenue:

20190526_201839 (2)

It does take a bit of effort to find good food that isn’t mega-expensive in Old Town, Google Maps and reviews are your friend. I found Spaghetteria Toni via my Rick Steves guidebook and ordered some amazing homemade gnocchi. Paired with some sparkling water (too much wine at sunset last night!), it was the perfect carb-filled meal after walking all day long.

20190526_142739 (2)

My second afternoon, the weather turned and it rained a lot. I ended up inside a few churches and an old pharmacy/apothecary that has been opened since the 1300s (no photos allowed though).

20190526_120311 (2)

The “Shame, shame, shame” stair from Game of Thrones:

20190526_195621 (2)

Next up on my Balkan Adventures is Bosnia and Herzegovina! I had no idea what to expect and it turned out to be one of my favorite countries on the whole trip.

Reader Question: Have you been to Dubrovnik? Did you watch or read Game of Thrones?

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