Dunvegan Castle and Fairy Pools- Isle of Skye

When planning the Isle of Skye portion of our Scotland roadtrip, there was a lot of talk among the travel community that Skye was overcrowded with tourists and to be warned that traffic, parking, and sightseeing would all be difficult. Luckily, on our full day in Skye, things were just fine and dare I say- not crowded at all.

IMG_0840 (2)

At 9am we set off for Dunvegan Castle, home of MacLeod clan first built in the 13th century and is still inhabited today. The inside of the castle was well preserved and kind of hilarious. All the photos of the women in the front entry hall looked like Tina Fey. It would not surprise me if she could trace her roots back to this Scottish clan.

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Of course they don’t let you take photos inside Dunvegan Castle but trust me, BC and I both walked in and did a double take at the portraits.

IMG_0843 (2)

The best part about Dunvegan Castle was the gardens. They were pretty spectacular. Waterfalls, hiking trails, manicured flower beds, vegetable gardens, and a greenhouse were just some of the things to see.

IMG_0850 (2)

Whomever is in charge of the gardens likes color and there was an amazing amount of purple and blue- my favorites.

IMG_0852 (2)

BC and I hiked around the trails for a bit before heading back to the car.

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Near Dunvegan Castle is the mountainous area and Glenbrittle, home of the Fairy Pools hiking trail. Since Trip Advisor and my guidebook said to check out the Fairy Pools, we did. The beginning of the hike is straight downhill and super easy.  But in trying to get a photo, BC followed me into the mud and promptly slipped and took a half-tumble, where he caught himself but got his pants and hands all muddy.  Watching the big man go down was a sight! We laughed about it all day.

Fairy Pools- Isle of Skye

Some rock crossing was necessary to reach the fairy pools but it was pretty easy. Action shots:

Fairy Pools- Isle of Skye crossing the stream

Proud I didn’t fall in!

Fairy Pools- Isle of Skye hiking trail

In all we walked about 4 miles to and from the car parking lot. The end of the hike is straight uphill and a killer.

Fairy Pools- Isle of Skye hiking

Honestly the Fairy Pools were not that exciting and I’m not sure I’d make the time to drive on the fairly busy one-lane road just to see them (it was a harrowing drive there!). If you ever are on the Isle of Skye, Fairy Pools can move a few spots down on your to-do list but Dunvegan Castle should be at the top!

Fairy Pools- Isle of Skye scenery

Reader Question: Have you ever driven on the opposite side of the road in another country? How did you fare?

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