Eastern Neck Wildlife Refuge

Last weekend I was able to spend my time in the Chestertown, MD area on the Eastern Shore along the Chesapeake Bay.

Eastern Neck Wildlife Refuge

Outside of Chestertown, near the township of Rock Hall, there is an island called Eastern Neck National Wildlife Refuge, a birder’s paradise and waterfowl wintering spot.

Eastern Neck Wildlife Refuge water views

I’m not much for bird watching but there are bald eagles, woodcock, osprey, teal, vultures, tundra swans, and much more found in the refuge.  My 10th grade ornithology unit memories were failing me today but there were a lot of birds out on the water and in the fields.

Eastern Neck Wildlife Refuge birds

There are 7 walking trails- some of which are boardwalks so everyone can see and do this park.

Eastern Neck Wildlife Refuge flying birds

My favorite trail was the Duck Inn Trail, that drops you off right along the shore with many shells.

Eastern Neck Wildlife Refuge oyster reef

This area has a lot of oystering going on and this particular spot is an oyster reef where restoration efforts are in place to improve bivalve numbers in the Chesapeake Bay. Most of these shells were still in good shape and obviously were different bivalves.

Eastern Neck Wildlife Refuge beach shadow

It is free to enter the Eastern Neck Wildlife Refuge and is open from 7:30am to 30 minutes after sunset. I went around noon and saw about 15 people the entire time I was there. It is not crowded in the winter.

Eastern Neck Wildlife Refuge pier

If you aren’t much of a walker/hiker, you can drive to a lot of the good views. Bring your camera, a big zoom lens if you have one, your binoculars, and a good bird book. I had a good time walking the trails, even though I’m not a big bird watcher. If you find yourself in Chestertown and need a fun outdoor activity- find Eastern Neck Wildlife Refuge outside of Rock Hall to spend a few hours in nature.

Eastern Neck Wildlife Refuge snowy hiking trail

More from my trip to the Eastern Shore coming up soon!

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  1. Chaitali says:

    Wow, this looks beautiful! It’s funny how many wonderful places to check out there are in Maryland that I’ve never even heard of.

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