Eating Baltimore- Mi and Yu Noodle Bar and more

Today’s post is all about food! I’ve been trying some new restaurants in Baltimore lately- Mi and Yu Noodle Bar and Brio,  and hitting up an old favorite-The Brewer’s Art.


On a rainy Tuesday BC and I ventured a whole block to try Mi and Yu Noodle Bar in Federal Hill. I have been bothering him to eat ramen with me since I went to Japan and loved it, and guess what- A new noodle bar opens up in my neighborhood!

Mi and Yu Noodle Bar pork belly ramen with spicy broth

We strolled in at 6:30 to the rowhouse-sized Mi and Yu Noodle Bar where about 20 seats are available.  We snagged a couple and got down to ordering.  You can choose your broth, meat/veggie, and noodle type.  We both went for ramen noodles and the spicy kimchi but different on our meat choice.  I went for the 5 spiced pork belly and he chose the braised short ribs.

Mi and Yu Noodle Bar short rib ramen with spicy broth

It was the perfect bowl of ramen! The broth was  flavorful with a lot of spice (not too much, not too little) and the kimchi was great.  My pork belly was added a bunch of deliciousness to break up the noodles.  BC was a big fan of his too.  We asked for a to-go container because these bowls are huge.  Be prepared to take some home! This was a fantastic rainy night dinner.

IMG_4409 (2)

The week before, I had a salon date with a friend but had to wait for her to get off of work.  Instead of shopping in the Inner Harbor, I scoped out Brio on the corner of Light and Pratt Streets in the thick of downtown Baltimore. Brio is a chain but not one I’ve been to before and I heard that their happy hours specials are good.


The beef Carpaccio was really tasty and light. I would definitely order this next time too.

IMG_3961 (3)

And then there were the little fried balls of bacon, mozzarella and potato- wow! They were served with Sriracha mayo for a kick.  So amazing.  I’m not sure I’d eat dinner at Brio based on reviews and prices but happy hour pricing makes it an outstanding choice for some wine and a snack.

IMG_3962 (2)

On Friday night, I twisted BC’s arm and forced him to take me to Brewer’s Art- also known as Esquire Magazine’s Best Bar in America.  The beer here is all made in house and is the best you will find in Baltimore. The food here is just as good too. The main dining room is fancy and the bar area and the dungeon-y basement is for bar food and lots of good beer.

Make sure you order the French fries- garlic and rosemary spiced served with a side of garlic aioli.  They are big enough to share but you will want them all to yourself.

IMG_4433 (2)

I ordered the seasonal St. Festivus and BC had the famous Resurrection- always served in a goblet for extra fanciness. My favorite Brewer’s Art beer is the Ozzy, now known as Beazley, since Ozzy Osbourne decided to sue Brewer’s Art for using his name.  Still a delicious brew no matter what they call it!

IMG_4431 (2)

These are my delicious eats of the past few weeks.  Did I make you hungry? Smile

Reader question: Where is your go-to place in your hometown? Anywhere new you’ve tried recently?


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4 Responses

  1. Chaitali says:

    Yum! This reminds me that I’ve been meaning to try out one of the Ramen places around here since I haven’t done that yet. I’ve only been to Brio once and it was for brunch. I wasn’t too impressed but maybe I should give it another try, for happy hour this time.

  2. Courtney says:

    Now I need Brewer’s Art fries and mac&cheese!

  3. Jennifer @ A Hungry Runner says:

    That ramen bowl looks delicious! I wish we had a place like that in our town. I’m jealous!!

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