Edinburgh to London

On Saturday the rained cleared out making way for sunny skies. Unfortunately our time in Edinburgh has come to an end and while an adventure in London is around the corner. We spent our last few hours in Edinburgh walking through New Town, giving us gorgeous views of Old Town.

IMG_1002 (3)

The free Scottish National Gallery is a good way for an art lover to spend the morning or a non-art lover to spend 30 minutes wandering around and 30 minutes on the museum’s free WIFI. Always two thumbs up for free, working WIFI!

IMG_1001 (2)

The gallery had some interesting works to me like the Degas’ dancers. The second floor had my favorite impressionists so after a quick look we checked our emails/Instagram and returned to the magnificent outdoors.

IMG_0998 (2)

The Sir Walter Scott Monument sits along a promenade overlooking Old Town with a lot of good shopping across the road. I couldn’t fit the massive monument into my camera viewfinder. You can climb to the top of the tower but BC vetoed that idea immediately. I wasn’t too keen on it either but wasn’t about to tell him that Smile

IMG_1003 (2)

We grabbed a few beers and found an outdoor table to soak up the Vitamin D we had so been missing over the past few days. Tennent beer for me again and an Innis & Gunn IPA for him.

IMG_1004 (2)

And just like that it was time to board our train for the 4 hours and 30 minute ride to London. Europeans do this train thing right! I love taking trains- no airport hassle and you get to see the country side. We spent about the same amount of time getting to the airport, checking luggage, flying, collecting luggage, and getting into London city would have taken.

IMG_1010 (2)

Waiting for us in London was an awesome AirBnB (more on that later), some Baltimore friends, and sunset drinks at Tattershall Castle on the Thames River.

Photo credit: Bill

BC went to hang out and do a spooky bar crawl with some of his friends so my friends and I hit the town (until 9pm when I was back home and tired).


The view at Tattershall Castle, a boat/bar was amazing! Sunset wasn’t much because of the cloud cover but the location of this bar/boat was amazing.

IMG_1018 (3)

Our epic UK adventure continues….


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  1. After loving the trains in Switzerland, I’m totally using them more often! I wish we had a nice network like they do!
    I love Degas– what a great museum.

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