Elk Neck State Park, Maryland

On Sunday, BC, Cyrus the dog, and I set off for Elk Neck State Park outside of North East, Maryland. The plan was to get out of the craziness that was Baltimore last week, visit somewhere new, and get some exercise.

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Elk Neck State Park and North East are in the Northeastern part of Maryland (the name says it all!)  about an hour and twenty minutes north of Baltimore near the Delaware State Line. Elk Neck looks over where the Elk Neck River meets the Chesapeake Bay.

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BC recently bought a new Fitbit and is now crazily obsessed with beating his friends in number of steps taken per week. If you have ever met BC you will be dumbfounded by this new revelation. I’m an active person so I finally get a partner in crime!

Check out my awesome mismatched-purple hiking outfit:

IMG_5783 (3)

Cyrus is my cute, yet lazy dog. He is getting a lot of exercise these days too. This was his first hike ever!

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Our first trail was the Lighthouse Trail.  It was super-easy, half of it was a gravel path. There were a lot of other dogs and families hiking as well. The main attraction is the lighthouse at the tip of Elk Neck State Park.

IMG_5797 (2)

People can walk up the stairs to the top but it was too crowded the day we were there (Maryland’s first really warm day) so we kept moving.

IMG_5799 (2)

The second half of the hike is through the woods but is still pretty easy. A 2 mile loop completed in about an hour with dog sniffing stops, photos stops for me, and a quick stop at the lighthouse.

IMG_5806 (2)

We drove about a half mile inland for the Beaver March Loop Trail. It is about 2.5 miles with natural trails, a sandy beach, very muddy stretch, and some elevation changes.

BC was mostly impressed with the giant tree root systems.  BC is a big guy but these tree roots are much bigger!

BC Big Roots

These geese were very offended that I took their picture and started honking excessively at me. I quickly put down the camera and moved on before anything sinister went down.

IMG_5815 (2)

Beaver Marsh Trail was by far my favorite hike of the two- it was slightly longer, slightly harder, and much less crowded .  You can also camp near Beaver Marsh Trail. We saw a few of the campground spaces while we were hiking.

IMG_5817 (2)

The beach was at the end portion. We had to cross a huge muddy section to get to the end of the trail though.  Basically I had to drag Cyrus as he is not a fan.  He did love jumping in the Elk River portion to cool off.

IMG_5827 (2)

We found out about Elk Neck State Park from my new book purchased at Powell’s Books in Portland, Oregon titled: Best Hikes Near Baltimore.  A random purchase considering I was in Portland but coming in handy! Hopefully we will plan another hike in the near future.

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3 Responses

  1. I love Powell’s! I used to live in PDX and it was one of my most favorite places in the city. I’ve always wondered if Fit Bits are worth all of the hype. How long has BC had his Fit Bit and does he still find it motivating?

    • Andrea says:

      He just got it so he’s totally into it still. I had a jawbone UP and it was cool for about 3 months. I don’t wear it anymore.

  2. Chaitali says:

    Wow, this looks like a beautiful area! I’m driving up to Delaware over Memorial Day weekend and now I’m tempted to stop here on the way back for some hiking 🙂 I love the little contests with friends on fitbit so I understand where your friend is coming from 🙂

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