Evening in Edinburgh

Edinburgh is one of those cities I can visit and never get tired of strolling along the sidewalks. It is a fairly condensed city with most of the great sights in Old Town or New Town. The old stone buildings and streets in Old Town, and particularly the Royal Mile,  make for some grandiose viewing and gives the feeling of being in a different era.

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BC and I arrived at the Edinburgh train station after dropping off our rental car in Stirling- cheaper and less city driving on the opposite side of the road (for us). We stayed at the Adagio Aparthotel on the Royal Mile in the heart of all the hustle and bustle.

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Once checked in I had a plan to get a scrumptious dinner. Truth be told British cuisine is not my favorite- a lot of meat and fried food, which tends to sit in my stomach like a rock was not what I had in mind. Instead I found a highly rated Italian trattoria, La Locanda, on Yelp and Google and went for it.

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Luckily we were on the early side of dinner because La Locanda’s small dining room fills up quickly. We ordered some wine and arancini to start. Arancini are risotto and cheese fried up crispy. The arancini were so amazing I knew we had picked our dinner spot well.

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For main courses BC got the pasta with red sauce and meatballs and I went with the special of the night, mushroom ravioli.  It was like I was back in Florence again.

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Everything was beyond delicious and I even had some leftover ravioli to eat for breakfast the next day. Our little hotel apartment/room had a fridge and microwave to heat up those little raviolis again.

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So I have one funny story about the rental car that I haven’t told yet. While we were on the Isle of Skye one day, BC does a double take at the back seat and exclaims “What the …… is that?”. I turn around and see nothing. He then points out a purple hat in the back corner of the back window. Both of us are dumbfounded at that point. Did someone randomly get in our car? Did we forget to lock it? Is there a purple hat ghost lady riding around in the back seat?


It turns out BC took a video of the rental car when we picked it up to have proof of dents/scratches, etc. (always a good idea to do this!). In that video a purple hat is residing in the corner where it is now! We just didn’t see it for 3 days!!!! No ghost, just us (and the rental car cleaning people) being unobservant.

  1. Reader question: What is the weirdest thing you have ever found in a rental car? One time in our Jucy van BC found women’s underwear under the sear that did not belong to me. ick!

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