Exhibition Road and More in London

In the South Kensington neighborhood of London is Exhibition Road- the home of Victoria and Albert Museum, Natural History Museum, and Science Museum. Stuck in my mind were the Victoria and Albert Museums’ grand halls, stairways, and glass sculptures from my previous visit 15 years ago.

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The space at Victoria and Albert Museum is impressive and it is one of my favorite museums in London. A lot of the exhibits cover household items through the centuries in different parts of the world, although mostly Great Britain.

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My favorite exhibits were the jewels and swords of course.

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The rows and rows of diamonds, crowns, necklaces, and colorful jewels are always so shiny and sparkly and make me smile.


The Natural History Museum has some neat things too. The dinosaurs of course are always worth a visit.

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But my favorite section was actually the Earth science section where the earthquake simulator was located. It simulated an 7.3 earthquake that actually occurred in Kobe, Japan in 1995. The video from a convenience store near the epicenter of the earthquake plays as the floor violently shakes and shifts under you.  It was super cool, especially for someone like me who has only been in two very tiny earthquakes.

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And best of all, both Victoria and Albert and Natural History Museums have free entrance. BC was doing his own thing as I visited the museums but we met back up to get some views of Parliament and Big Ben, both of which are under construction and not very photogenic at the moment. Big Ben isn’t ringing either due to repairs. Sad.

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BC was in charge of finding a dinner place and did really well.  Flat Iron is a row house-sized steak place about 10 blocks from our Air BnB. There are a couple of locations in London and if you are in the mood for some delicious meat at fair prices, find one of these restaurants.

IMG_1086 (2)

The super small menu has a few steak options and vegetable sides of the day. We both ordered the flat iron steak and a side of spinach for him and green beans for me. They give you are cleaver to cut your steak which is awesome and an idea I need to steal for at home.

IMG_1084 (2)

It was an amazing meal for less than $50 (with wine and beer).

A day trip to Paris is coming up, stay tuned!

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