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Just to answer some questions I’ve received…

Q: You quit your job as an audiologist to be a blogger?

A:  Sort of. We are calling this my gap year or unpaid sabbatical.  And I still “sub” as an audiologist when needed (that tends to be more often than you would think).


Q: Where is home-base?

A:  Home base is in Federal Hill, in Baltimore.  I live with my boyfriend BC, his crazy dog Cyrus, and my cat Punky.  Punky and Cyrus are still adjusting to one another- so are BC and I 🙂



Q: So what do you do when you aren’t travelling?

A:  I clean a lot, redecorate BC’s house which makes him very anxious and stressed, playdates with my friends on flexible work schedules, hang out at my beach house in Dewey Beach, DE, and of course plan my upcoming trips.

packingAugust 002

Q:  Where are you going next?

A: On the agenda:  Western Canada, Oregon, New Mexico, Tahiti, Fiji, Australia to name a few


Q: Who do you travel with?

A: Myself, tour groups, my mom, my sister and her family, the boyfriend, friends, pretty much anyone who I can convince to go somewhere.



Ask a question in the comments section if you have one.  I’ll answer it.


9 thoughts on “FAQ

  1. So… how cute is Cyrus?! I’m sure a compliment for Punky would be in order as well (amazing name, btw), but I don’t see him (or her?) here. Cyrus doesn’t look at all crazy, but I do know how looks can be deceptive. 🙂

    1. Punky is a little peeved about not being in the FAQ section. I will have to rectify that soon. He is peeved at life in general after being named after a girl TV character from the 80s 🙂

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