Fargo Food Truck Festival and More Fargo Fun

Up before sunrise for the Go Far Woman running race and visiting the Red River Market, a.k.a.  my new favorite place, and after a much needed nap, I was ready to keep exploring Fargo, North Dakota’s amazing downtown and the weekend’s Fargo Food Truck Festival.

IMG_9976 (2)

I walked over to the Hjemkomst Museum to see the full size Viking boat replica that actually sailed from the US to Norway.

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The Hjemkomst Museum had a section on the history of drinking and alcohol in Fargo as well which was really interesting since they still seem to have pretty strict liquor laws (compared to what I am used to now in Maryland and grew up with in Iowa).

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Outside the museum is the Hopperstad Stave Church, a replica of a church in Vik, Norway that is made from wood- lots and lots of wood.

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On your Fargo adventure save the Hjemkomst Museum for a Sunday when things downtown tend to be closed. It is a quick walk from the Radisson Hotel in the opposite direction from downtown.  There is also kayak and canoe rentals right next to the museum during the warm summer months.

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The walking combined with my morning run made me hungry again (shocking, I know) so I hopped in a Lyft and made my way to the Fargo Food Truck Festival for some grub. The $3 entry fee gave me access to at least 20 different food trucks.

Fargo Food Truck Festival grounds

The choices were almost overwhelming especially because I was to the point I was so hungry, everything sounded good. There was BBQ, fried pickles, pierogies, corndogs, mac and cheese, pizza, kettlecorn, vegetarian fare, french fries, and so much more. I opted for some pulled pork nachos to start. They were ginormous, messy, and delicious. I think I went through 20 napkins even though I tackled them with a fork.

Fargo Food Truck Festival pulled pork nachos

The secret to good BBQ nachos is good barbeque (obviously) and baked beans. The baked beans on top is the way to go. I ate a fair amount of these but eventually had to call it quits.

Fargo Food Truck Festival ice cream food truck

After some more walking around and people watching at the Fargo Food Truck Festival, I got a butterscotch ice cream sundae before calling for my ride back to downtown Fargo.  I love food truck festivals. But the best way to attack one is to bring a lot of friends so you can try a lot of different things.

Fargo Food Truck Festival ice cream sundae

It was a long day for me already so I stopped into the HoDo Lounge in the Hotel Donaldson for some live music and a glass of wine to cap off my Saturday night. I was definitely home in bed by 9pm. #partyanimal

IMG_0668 (2)

Reader Question: Are you an early to bed-early to rise traveler or do you stay out late-sleep in traveler?

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  1. Jade D'sa says:

    ahhh foodtrucks! Love them!! And love supporting the locals who run them, too!

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