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Feeling hot, hot, hot in Phoenix

My weekend in Phoenix was spent indoors, at waterparks, pools, and movie theatres- anywhere that could provide some relief from the hot, hot, hot Phoenix sun! Luckily I have some cute nieces and nephew to go swimming with me as we had a fun family weekend visit with Aunt Andrea!

Post-pool selfie:

IMG_9690 (2)

I flew to Phoenix Friday night and my non-stop flight actually arrived 30 minutes early! How crazy- that never happens anymore! The Phoenix airport arrivals area is usually a madhouse and the worst so I hoofed it up to departures and had my sister pick me up there. Fun fact: Departures is always a better and less congested place to be picked up than at arrivals.


Saturday morning was pool time while I babysat while my sister worked. I am a fantastic babysitter because I’ll pretty much let the little humans do what ever they want that won’t get them injured. We had a splash contest and did ninja kick jumps into the pool.

When their Grandma came to relieve me and make sure everyone was still alive, I took off in the minivan to get an amazing burrito at Tortas Chano.  Tortas Chano used to be called Roberto’s and was on Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives. They changed ownership and rebranded a few years ago and now are known as Tortas Chano.  It is still the same delicious menu with the addition of tortas and some other minor tweaks for the better.

IMG_9697 (1)

I had the fantastic California Burrito with carne asada, cheese, guacamole, potatoes, and salsa. And I ate every last bite. Yum!

IMG_9701 (2)

Saturday night was my nieces dance recital which was a total hoot! The little kids were so cute. Unfortunately the recital did not allow video or photography of any kind Sad smile  So you will have to just imagine the cuteness of 3, 4, and 5 year olds dancing to the oldies.

Intermission fun with my nephew:


On Sunday we hit up Wet’n’Wild for Bring-A-Friend-Day. Since they all have season passes, I was the friend and got in for free (saving me $26)!  I rode the water slides for a few hours with the kids until one of the fast, curvy slides made me want to puke. I hate being old.

IMG_9726 (1)

But it was a 108 degrees and my feet were getting burnt on the cement so we left in the early afternoon in search of food and air conditioning.

The big takeaway from the weekend is that kids still love my favorite cartoon when I was little- Jem and the Holograms. Netflix just brought it back so we watched quite a few episodes.


Today is another scorcher (with an excessive heat warning) and I am flying home to 85 degrees- ahhhhh.

It was a fun, little weekend with the fam. I’m glad I sucked it up to visit Phoenix in June. There are plenty of indoor and water activities to keep you cool on even the hottest of days.

And my youngest niece likes me now- well mostly, 75% of the time as least Smile


Reader Question: What was your favorite childhood cartoon? Have you ever tried to watch it as an adult?

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  1. That selfie with the kids was adorable! I’m glad you found a lot of cooling stuff to keep you guys busy but ouch on the burned feet at the water park 🙁

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