Finally, Sushi in Japan!

I waited a long time (3 whole days) before I had sushi at a restaurant in Japan- not on purpose, we were just busy.  On the bullet train I had some sushi from the train station mini-mart that you are required to roll it in seaweed yourself.

IMG_3833 (2)

Yes, all mini-marts have sushi and yes it is tasty. Everyone eats it. But mini-mart sushi is not why I came to Japan- real sushi is!

My first beer of the trip:

IMG_3682 (2)

Finally in Hiroshima after a very wet morning in Peace Park, I was able to get the most delicious sushi I’ve had to date. Asahi to start, the 720 Yen ($6 USD) sushi plate for my entrée.

IMG_3684 (2)

I’ve learned that they put wasabi underneath the fish already and that the wasabi here is much better than back in the US. It is still strong but a little more smooth.

The only one I did not love was the bright white one because I was unprepared.  It is squid and super-chewy- a sign of good squid but I was expecting melt in your mouth fish. The yellow one was egg which was weird but good.

Oh and the ginger served with sushi is better here too! I hate the ginger served back home.  Here it is good everywhere.

IMG_6576 (2)

My lunch partner ordered the 1000 Yen ($8.30 USD) fried oyster plate with miso soup, some sliced fish, and rice and loved it.  Oysters in Hiroshima are a specialty.

Breakfast the next day was fun enough to include on the blog.  Before hopping on the train again I stopped in the middle of the typhoon for coffee and some donut holes.

Coffee with a side of typhoon:

IMG_6524 (3)

Coffee with a side of purple sweet potato donut hole:

IMG_3644 (2)

The purple sweet potato donut hole rocked.  And it was purple- my favorite color.  Andrea has a happy tummy!

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  1. Great pics! Makes me want to head back to Japan! I noticed your curiosity about the the egg (tamago) sushi. It’s intended as the final course, kind of a sweet bite to finish of the meal. It is also sometimes served as part of a Japanese breakfast. Happy eating!

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