Finland- Helsinki and Porvoo

This morning my new Aussie friend Morgan and I decided to go on an adventure without a guidebook. We hopped on a bus to a bus to another bus to Porvoo.  Porvoo is a town about 45 minutes outside of Helsinki known to have a cute little old town area.  Helsinki itself isn’t too exciting compared with other Scandinavian cities so we opted to try out Porvoo.  Morgan has been in Helsinki for a few days and I was there a few years ago.

HelsinkiPorvoo 001

(Old Town Church dating back to the 1400s)

Porvoo was a bust.  Partly our fault as it was Sunday morning.  We stayed long enough for most of the shops and restaurants to open and we did the historic walk-around that the tourist office said to do to see the sights.

HelsinkiPorvoo 002

We did see some pretty things but the walk was 2km which took us no time at all to do. Especially since nothing was open to walk into or even people in the streets to slow us down.

HelsinkiPorvoo 003

Our tour map kept talking about the Diet of Porvoo.  So we made up a whole story about the obese people of Porvoo being put on a diet in the 1800s.  Once we googled it we found out that it was a legislative assembly which was attended by Czar Alexander I after the Finnish War ended in 1809.  Our made-up story was much more entertaining 🙂

Then Morgan and I hopped a bus and headed back to Helsinki for some lunch.

HelsinkiPorvoo 011

We went to the market and got the biggest plate of salmon and vegetables for 10 Euro.  Score!!!  It was delicious.  I sure am getting my fish quota in on this trip.

HelsinkiPorvoo 010

Market by the water.  The Uspenski Church is the background.

HelsinkiPorvoo 013

Here it is up close.

HelsinkiPorvoo 016

On the steps of the Tuomiokirkko- Helsinki’s Lutheran Cathedral

Look here I am:

HelsinkiPorvoo 017

That is all for Finland on this trip.  Tomorrow morning we start the journey to St. Petersburg.  yay!!!!!!!!!!

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