Five things- Bali edition

My Bali experience was all of 11 days so I’m no expert on Balinese culture, wildlife, and cuisine.  These five things about everyday life that stood out for me.

1) Indonesian coffee is famous but I hate it.  It is like drinking sludge.  They grind the beans so fine and then add it to hot water so coffee is made more like instant coffee leading to lots of thickness and nastiness at the bottom.


Our hotel before climbing Mt. Batur had the worst coffee I’ve ever had in my whole life.  Out of our group of 12, all 12 deemed it undrinkable.  It was that bad.

2) The sidewalks in Ubud are treacherous.


At least this one had cones to warn you of the hole, they usually didn’t have them.


These sidewalks are on the main shopping streets filled with tourists and restaurants.  I am really into window shopping but it was important to always keep one eye on the sidewalk so I didn’t fall into a hole.


Granted a lot of towns in Indonesia and in Southeast Asia don’t have any sidewalks Ubud is one step ahead of the game.

3)  Mosquitoes, spiders, snakes, and lizards are everywhere.  This is not necessarily a surprise because of the rainforest climate during the rainy season but I definitely got a lot of use out of my bug spray, especially at night before bed because we had to sleep with the doors and windows open.  I was so terrified I would wake up with a lizard on my face or snake in my bed.

Ubud2 011


4) A lot of the building and road repairs are done by women!  I was impressed and noticed this right away on my first day in Ubud.  The sidewalks and roads repairs were all women workers from what I saw that day.


And it was cool that they carried the supplies on their heads.

5) The snorkeling was probably better than the Great Barrier reef.  This really surprised me as the Great Barrier Reef off Cairns was pretty fabulous.  If you are ever in Bali, I highly recommend you go to Menjangan Island for at least a half day to snorkel in a few different spots.  The coral reef and the shelf right off the coast is spectacular.



I’m off to explore Singapore for a few hours but don’t worry, there will be a food post with the best and worst eats from Bali, my favorite post to write.  I love food 🙂

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