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Flying Around Juneau, Alaska

Today I did the most amazing thing ever- took a floatplane over at least 6 glaciers. The floatplane glacier tour left from the main harbor in Juneau and took us over such amazing scenery. It is common to see 5 glaciers on this tour but we were able to see a few more (including Wright Glacier) because the weather was so clear.


We flew on Wings Airline from the harbor directly in front of Juneau. Taking off and landing was very smooth. I had never been on a float plane before so I did not know what to expect.


Pre-takeoff selfie:

20180608_095132 (2)

The plane held 10 people and 2 pilots. Everyone got a window seat on this little guy. In addition to the glaciers we saw, we blew between mountains and over gorgeous valleys.


The flight in total was about 40 minutes. There was hardly any turbulence (thank goodness!) and the skies were cloudy but clear.


The ice and glaciers look so dirty but really it is the prettiest blue color in there.

20180608_102450 (2)

I took video while flying because it was just so cool!

Immediately after the flight was over Mom and I decided it was the best side trip we had ever done on a cruise. It was definitely one of the most scenic things I have ever done and would highly recommend you bite the bullet and sign up for a float plane/glacier tour in Juneau if you ever end up here. It is an expensive activity- $350 per person but was well worth it.

20180608_105336 (2)

The rest of Juneau was walkable for Mom and I. We visited the sights and had some lunch.

20180608_110325 (2)

And beer. This is the hometown of Alaska Amber beer and it is fresh and delicious here.

20180608_113144 (2)

Giant crab leg from Tracy’s King Crab Shack:

20180608_122510 (2)

Juneau ended up being one of my favorite stops on the cruise. When planning your Alaska vacation, book a cruise that stops here so you can do a float plane tour too!

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