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Flying Into Guadeloupe

Good morning from Guadeloupe! Exploring a new country in the Caribbean over a long weekend is my idea of a good February getaway! Guadeloupe was the chosen place of my winter Caribbean vacation because of the new, cheap, non-stop flights from Baltimore on Norwegian Air to Guadeloupe.

Norwegian Air to Guadeloupe

The flight itself was an easy 4 hour hop. The 2/3 full plane meant that Mom and I could spread out and have a whole row all to ourselves. Norwegian Air is a low-cost carrier so seats are smaller and soda and water are not free! But with the not-so-good, comes cheap airfare to the Caribbean in February!

Our arrival into Guadeloupe was easy breezy so I knew something just had to go wrong. It turns out that the drive from the airport to our guest house in Basse-Terre was treacherous, completely dark, full of turns, and gigantic hills. Luckily for me, and unluckily for Mom, I stink at driving a manual transmission so Mom had to drive the rental car. 90% of rental cars in Guadeloupe are manuals and what few automatics there are are very expensive!

During our drive we pretty much smoked out the transmission and gave us both ulcers. But we made it! Mom decompressing with her feet in the pool after that drive:

IMG_7813 (2)

Our guest house, Infiniti Blue, is perched on a big hill (hence the smell of burnt rubber for miles) but has an amazing view of the Caribbean Sea. It does, I swear, you just can’t see it now in the dark. We had pre-ordered dinner for our arrival. Our host’s daughter studied cooking in Thailand and is in the process of opening her own restaurant in Guadeloupe. Mom had a shrimp, pineapple, cashew rice dish and I had a very yummy, spicy coconut milk chicken soup with rice. We were both members of the clean plate club.

IMG_7828 (2)

Our welcome rum drinks were made with local starfruit and  pretty much put us on the floor.  We headed to bed right after eating and slept a full 12 hours. I guess that drive really wore us out!

IMG_5268 (2)

With the sun out, we were able to see the amazing views from the back porch of Infiniti Blue. It was incredible! The infinity pool along with the Caribbean Sea views made for a spectacular sight.

Norwegian Air to Guadeloupe Inifiniti Blue hotel

Sam and Pascale have a cat named Amy and a dog named Ruby who are both so adorable. The cat is well-knowledged in where to plop down and do some grooming with a view:

IMG_5269 (2)

It was time for food again after our lazy lie in. And of course we are going to eat that breakfast with an amazing view!

IMG_5273 (2)

Prepared for us was a French-style breakfast- coffee, fruit, and fresh baked bread with butter and jams. Sam and Pascale do their best to get food from the locals: coffee grown down the road, local farmer’s produce, and starfruit from their own trees.

IMG_7847 (2)

We are off to a fun, warm, mother-daughter  vacation in Guadeloupe. The drive was something to reckon with but it is going to be one of those great stories someday, when the anxiety quells. For now, a day of hammock sitting sounds like a good plan to me!

More from Guadeloupe soon!

Norwegian Air to Guadeloupe hammock chair

Reader question: Can you drive a stick shift? Have you ever been very stressed out driving in a foreign country?

6 thoughts on “Flying Into Guadeloupe

  1. I learned to drive stick shift but have not done it in a looong time!… I had never heard of Guadeloupe, but it looks very pretty & I your accommodation sounds really cool!

  2. Hey Andrea! Normally, I read posts on the link-up, and I think, oh, cute, or, oh, that’s nice, or oh, good for them. But your post actually makes me jealous (in a good way, don’t worry)!! Absolutely beautiful, love the food, love the adventure part of it!! Driving a stick-shift breaks me in a panic sweat and it’s the most anxiety I’ve ever felt in my life! Love LOVE this post, and thanks for linking up with Travel Tuesday!

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