Flying to Phoenix

Dare I say it, traveling this Christmas was easy! All of my flights were on time, no lost luggage, and no crazy-long security lines. I do realize I’m jinxing myself for all Christmas travel in the future!

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The flight into Phoenix was easy. After work, I  hopped on a non-stop flight on American Airlines that went smoothly. My mom and brother flew into a neighboring airport 30 minutes before me but their luggage was so slow I had to camp out at PHX for an hour waiting for my sister to pick them up first. I found an open Starbucks and ordered the Very Berry Hibiscus refresher to pass the time on their free WIFI.

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I slept on an air mattress at my sister’s house which always turns into a fun bouncy toy for the kids. We took a few selfies in between bouncing on the air mattress the next morning.

IMG_8297 (2)

Bouncing on the air mattress is probably not the best idea for the longevity of the air mattress but it was fun.

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Desert Donuts is always our first stop of the day. We had a few Christmas presents left to buy for each other and the only way to face holiday shopping head on is with a belly full of donuts.

My niece ordered the blue Frozen donut of course.

IMG_8287 (2)

And I got crazy and ordered the Jamaican Me Crazy donut with banana frosting, cinnamon and sugar, topped with hot sauce. Strange but delicious!

IMG_8290 (2)

Over my many trips to Phoenix over the past 5 years, I’ve never seen it rain. Basically, it rained all day. Roads were closed, basins were flooded, it was a mess. But the Christmas shopping was finished.

IMG_8293 (3)

Eventually that evening we wandered back out into the rain and headed to a local restaurant, Connolly’s, since driving was difficult with so many closed roads. It wasn’t anything too fancy but it hit the spot.


My sister’s burger and kaleslaw won for best order this dinner.

IMG_8309 (2)

The rest of the night was spent watching A Charlie Brown Christmas and a cartoon version of Elf with some wine and milk. A good time was had by all.


Reader Question: Wine or milk?

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  1. Chaitali says:

    Sounds like a fun time with family! That doughnut with the hot sauce definitely seems crazy but I can see it being an interesting combination.

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