Foggy Day in Bryce Canyon National Park

After amazing Arches National Park, I was very excited to get to Bryce Canyon- a new national park for me! However I was quickly let down because of the weather. The cold and wind are not a big deal but fog that makes viewing nature impossible can really screw up your day.

Our one good photo of the day from Sunset Point:


Hoodoos are awesome! Erosion is awesome!

Natural Bridge:


We drove into Bryce Canyon National Park in the late afternoon, secured a campsite, and went for the scenic drive to Rainbow and Yovimpa Point. It was a total bust- such terrible visibility.


We decided to hike around up there just to get out of the car for a bit when a squirrel decided we were the enemy and started throwing nuts at us- for real!!! It was crazy- we were just walking along the path and a squirrel started shrieking and pelting us with nuts.

IMG_7555 (2)

The fog never cleared although we tried to make the best of it. That night at North Campground it poured rain. But somehow I managed to sleep for 12 hours, apparently the rain lulls me to sleep for long periods of time.


Unfortunately the weather was even worse the next day and most of the hiking trails were closed due to a flash flood threat, so we cut our losses and drove towards Zion National Park, a few hours away, hoping for better weather.

But all we hit were huge storms. The storms were the remnants of a hurricane that hit Baja California a few days earlier so the rain, wind, and eventually snow were abundant. Eventually we found a medium sized city, ate some sushi burritos (I love sushi burritos!), and checked into a nice, warm, and dry hotel for the night. #wecheated


Reader Question: Have you ever wimped out on a camping trip? Was it due to weather or something else?

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  1. Chaitali says:

    Sounds like you hit a string of bad luck. That story about the squirrel is crazy! I would totally have checked into a hotel too after all of that. I hope things cleared up quickly 🙂

  2. Wow! I need to see this! Looks stunning!

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