Food in Bali


Overall I quite enjoyed Indonesian food and most of the food in Bali. Food in Bali is mostly simple Asian fare with rice, noodles, soup, and spring rolls.  There were some high points and low points over the trip but nothing like the low points of food in Thailand.

The highlights:

On Bali, unlike Java, they eat pork. Java is mostly Muslim so they don’t eat pork but Bali being mostly Hindu, does.  The roasted pig lunch we ate at Ibu Oka Warung for $3 was definitely a high point.

Food in Bali Bedugal pork

Nasi Campur is a mix of a lot of different dishes put on one platter.  It is a good choice if you have no idea what you want or you want a little of everything.

Food in Bali nasi campur

Soup and skewers were tasty and cheap:

Food in Bali chicken soupFood in Bali dinner skewers

The above is all meat dishes but at least half of everything on an Indonesian menu is vegetarian.  A favorite vegetarian meal of mine was Gado Gado made with veggies, tofu, and tempeh with peanut sauce (I heart peanut sauce).

Food in Bali tempeh

Drinks:  The good

Ubud2BintangFood in Bali Ubud lime mint slushie

The Bad consisted of coffee.  I know, Bali is known for coffee but I absolutely hated it.  It was gritty and bitter.

Food in Bali coffee

And the ugly:

Bali homemade palm wine

(homemade palm wine- blah)

Alcohol in Indonesia is a little different.  There is such a high tax on importing booze that they tend to cut regular liquor like Jack Daniels and Absolut Vodka with Indonesian brand liquor.  We were advised not to order hard liquor unless we were at a fancy place because the Jack was probably not Jack but some Indonesian brand or even homemade liquor (which can be dangerous).

Back to food in Bali:  The breakfast of champions was a banana pancake and fruit salad with passion fruit, papaya, and more.

Food in Bali banana pancake  ,

I didn’t think I liked papaya before this trip.  Soon I realized when you watch the Balinese pick it off the tree and then cut it up for you, it is amazing.

Food in Bali Puri Sunia Ubud fruit plate

Yummy lunch: papaya and mango spicy salad with summer rolls and peanut sauce from KAFE in Ubud.

Food in Bali Ubud papaya saladKAFE Ubud Summer Rolls with peanut sauce

My favorite dinner of the whole trip was at the hotel worker’s house in Lovina.  Authentic and made with love.

Food in Bali Lovina Balinese feast

For snacks the best were the cassava and plantain chips by far.  It could be that is was just new and different from regular potato chips but these alternatives hit the spot.


The jelly fish chips did not hit the spot.  Pass.


I love rambutans!!!  And mangosteen.

Ubud2 047

Rambutans are similar to a lychee on the inside once you peel back the furry pink shell.

I’m not sure how to describe mangosteen.  Not at all like a mango for sure, white on the inside, a few big seeds but very easy to eat.


I will be sad without these two fruits plus papaya in my life everyday.

My favorite food moment of the whole Bali trip goes to randomness in a banana leaf.  One of our drivers’ wife made these for us.  A little bit of everything (tofu, tempeh, chicken, noodles, rice, egg, chili sauce, cucumber) in a banana leaf, eaten with our fingers while sitting on a rock next to a river.


It was authentic Indonesian food at its best. Food in Bali was delicious, a culinary highlight on my travels.

Did this post make you hungry?  My stomach was growling as I wrote this 🙂

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2 Responses

  1. Chaitali says:

    Man, I’m a little jealous, this all looks so amazing! Well, with the exception of that homemade alcohol. The only time I’ve had Indonesian food was at a restaurant in Amsterdam. I’d love the opportunity to try it for real in Indonesia. It seems like there are a lot of veggie options.

    • Andrea says:

      Most things in Bali were vegetarian so it is really easy to eat healthy. I find myself trying to make a few of the things I tried there occasionally and I’m not much of a cook!

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