Food in Maui- I’m going to Grow Gills

The food in Maui is fantastic! Everything is so fresh and delicious all while being very easy to eat healthy. Yes, there were a few meals that leaned to the unhealthy side but for the most part I ate fish, tropical fruit, and veggies for every meal. And a lot of fish- I’m going to grow gills soon!


Over half of my meals (at least) contained fish. At Coconuts Fish Cafe, a local Maui chain, was this amazing mahi-mahi salad with shrimp, mango, red peppers, greens, macadamia nuts, and papaya dressing.

IMG_9382 (2)

Another meal at Coconuts was one of my unhealthy ones- some coconut shrimp with a side of coconut milk coleslaw. It was insanely delicious!

IMG_8552 (2)

After driving the Road to Hana one day, I stopped in town of Paia to eat and had some awesome fish tacos (which were enormous!) at the Paia Fish Market.

IMG_8547 (2)

My favorite thing to eat in Maui is poke. I would go to the grocery store Foodland and order containers of the wasabi, shoyu, spicy, or avocado ahi poke and eat it with chips, on a salad, or all by itself. Poke is just fresh, raw tuna marinated in sauces and spices. I love it!


There is a food truck in Kihei called the South Maui Fish Company with an awesome poke plate. I did halfsies spicy and original poke with rice and pineapple coleslaw. You just mix it all together for an awesome poke bowl.

IMG_8594 (2)

Strangely enough my most disappointing meal of the whole trip was the most delicious looking one. Julie, my blogger friend, suggested I hit up Kihei Caffé and Yelp agreed with her. After standing in line for 45 minutes, I ordered the Banana Macadamia Nut French Toast which looked phenomenal. Unfortunately, I was not a fan. The insides were pretty soggy and yuck- but it looks awesome. Everyone around me was enjoying their moco loco, eggs benedicts, and burritos so maybe I just ordered wrong. Sad.

IMG_8518 (2)

More fish food: the fish bowl from Amigos. I loved their salsa bar!

IMG_8463 (2)

Other awesome food I ate: malasadas at Sugar Bake Beach Shop. Malasaldas are a Portuguese donut of sorts rolled in cinnamon and sugar here.

IMG_9346 (2)

and Key Lime Pie (apparently key limes grow here too).

IMG_8555 (2)

Maui is an amazing eating destination- especially in the dead of winter when no local fresh fruit is available back home. But I can’t stay here forever so back to the cold winter on the mainland I go.

Reader Question: Raw fish- yes or no?

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2 Responses

  1. OMG! I’m sooooo sorry about the Kihei Cafe! I feel awful! I’ve had that several times and loved it. SOOOOO sorry!!!! We even recreate the dish at home with pancakes.

    ON the other hand all of your other meals look amazing. I always joke after being in Hawaii that I need to detox from Mercury poisoning after eating my daily poke.

  2. Chaitali says:

    Everything looks so fresh and delicious! Too bad about the french toast. That’s so disappointing when things look good but don’t end up having the taste to match.

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