Food Tours in Quebec City

Most of my time in Quebec City was spent eating and drinking, two ways to really get to know a new city. I did one food city tour and a farm and market tour on Ile de Orleans because the weather was horrible and while we did have to walk between stops in the rain, the drinks warmed us and food comforted.

20180504_111825 (2)

Rainy skies from my hotel room window.

Quebec City has a French flair to it’s cuisine obviously but it also is very Canadian too. Poutine is the food I think of when I think of Canadian food.

20180503_160653 (2)

While I am not the biggest gravy fan, the cheese curds and French fries are two of my favorites. Overall, this would keep my tummy happy and warm during Canadian winters.

Also smoked salmon that looks like a smoked salmon q-tip!

20180503_142233 (2)

It was the best thing I ate all day. So very good!

A Quebec wine tasting:

20180503_145733 (2)

Quebec City has a lot of bee hives on rooftops making for some awesome honey tasting.

20180503_150436 (2)

Cider + buckwheat crepes at Le Billig outside of the Old City walls:


Crème de Cassis tastings on Ile de Orleans:

20180504_150550 (2)

Ice cream dipped in maple:

20180504_144630 (2)

This was way, way, way too sweet so I only ate a few bites before tossing it.

Maple syrup/butter/candy tastings:

20180503_152702 (2)

I ended up purchasing Grand Marnier maple syrup here. I’m pretty excited about making Grand Marnier French Toast this upcoming weekend.

More Quebec wine + a sweet potato fritter of some kind (was awesome!):

20180503_163035 (2)

And shots of Caribou/Kalibu (famous Quebec Winter Carnival alcohol):

20180503_142735-01 (2)

It reminded me of Gluhwein from Germany’s Christmas Markets, though not warm.

There was a chocolate stop but as the only human that does not like chocolate I took photos of the dress made out of chocolate instead.


The food tour was supposed to last 2 hours. Three and a half hours later we told our guide that it was time to wrap it up as the Women in Travel Summit Opening Party was about to start. Needless to say, I did not have to eat the rest of the day after either tour.

Quebec City is a foodie’s paradise. Make sure to find a food tour to go on while you are here so you can sample all the amazing things Quebec City has to offer.

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