Freeport, Maine

Freeport, Maine is the land of LL Bean.  Basically it is a little town with a lot of stores- some outlet, some not.  There are 3 LL Bean Stores total- 1 regular, 1 bike, boat, and ski, and 1 outlet.  I ended up not buying anything LL Bean but I did buy a Northface sample ski coat for $70!!!


Mom bought a few warm things because she did not pack appropriately for this trip.  In her defense, the weather has been colder than what the Weather Channel told us it would be here.

The main LL Bean store:


The stores in Freeport, Maine were all very cute on the outside, blending in with the surroundings.

FreeportPeggysCove 005 FreeportPeggysCove 014

Hi Mom!



After our shopping expedition in Freeport, Maine, we headed back to Portland.  We didn’t explore Portland too much because 1) we didn’t have much time and 2)  I know I’ll be back here sooner than later.  I almost ran a half marathon here this summer and a friend has a ski house around here too at Sunday River.  Plus one of my favorite pumpkin brews- Shipyard Pumpkinhead- is brewed here.

Some lighthouse photos on the way out of port in Portland:



Today was a good shopping day but many more sights to come.  Tomorrow in Halifax we are headed to Peggy’s Cove which is supposed to be some great scenery.

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