Funny Signs Around the World

There are close to 7000 languages spoken in the world today.  It is impossible to learn them all, even the most widely spoken ones.  When traveling to other countries and the tourist sites, many signs with directions and attraction names are translated into English and other languages.  Not all languages have words for things that other languages have. That is where hilarity can ensue while traveling.

Also, there are signs that just make you laugh. Here are some of the funniest signs I’ve run across.

In Lovina, Bali:

Funny signs around the world- Lovina Bali

Hide was probably not the word they meant.  It was a sign for a “Just Say No” campaign.

St. Petersburg, Russia was full of them:

Funny Signs around the world St. Petersburg Russia

This attraction had a lot of rules: No skiing, jumping off buildings, or drinking excessively:

Funny signs around the world RUssiaFunny signs around the world Russia 2StPetersburg 102

In Budapest, Hungary I was very curious about what a cottage cheese bomb was:

Budapest1 045

Hold your baby and keep clean in Chiang Rai, Thailand:


A stay safe message Russian-style:

StPetersburg 090

The Canadians in Peggy’s Cove, Nova Scotia are more to the point:

FreeportPeggysCove 058

In Chiang Rai, Thailand there was no worded sign, just a cardboard cutout of the architect that designed the White Temple. I think he should have dressed up a bit more for his cardboard cutout shot.

LampangThailand 062

A few years ago I went to China for work.  Those were my all-time favorite signs.

China Blind Massage

Best lake name ever:

China- Dragon slobber pool

I have absoutely no idea what they are trying to tell me:

CHina environment sign

Don’t shoot birds or lay down in this garden:

China Sign

Not a clue what this one is trying to tell me either:

CHina Weird sign

Traveling is about expriencing new things and seeing new places.  Signs are there to teach and to guide.  And to sometimes confuse 🙂

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  1. So funny! Thanks for sharing these. Once in Poland I saw a menu for a dish with “crashed nuts” but that’s not nearly as funny as “Dragon Slobber Pool.”

  1. November 10, 2014

    […] my post about funny signs, I realized that I haven’t posted about my China trips.  One of my favorite and most interesting […]

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