General Sherman Tree and More- Sequoia National park

Bright and early, we left Potwisha Campground in the foothills of Sequoia National Park and made our way along the nausea-inducing road to the Giant Forest to visit the General Sherman Tree.

IMG_9043 (2)

General Sherman Tree is probably the most crowded “hike” of them all. The tree is the largest in the world- measured by volume. Yep it sounds like hooey to me too. Tallest, largest circumference make sense to me but volume now has its own category too Smile  But it is gigantic!

It is very difficult to get a full top to bottom shot of General Sherman!

IMG_9040 (2)

We took the 2 mile round-trip Congress Trail from General Sherman Tree through the Giant Forest to see the House, Senate, President, and more.  A crafty way to come up with tree names.

IMG_7846 (2)

The trail itself was fairly easy  with a few hills but nothing major. The major part was when we had to climb back from the General Sherman Tree back to the parking lot.  It was 1/2 mile uphill- whew!

IMG_7845 (2)

After General Sherman Tree and Congress Trail we hit up the cafeteria and gift shop for firewood and breakfast burritos in Grant Village. There was a small café with some really bored workers (yay for the offseason), a pizza takeaway spot, and a food truck. Or you can just buy some food at the general store and do some campfire cooking.

IMG_7849 (2)

After breakfast we went to the Azalea Campground near all the services in Grant Village right at checkout time. We were able to secure an awesome spot!

That is BC napping in the hammock (someone is finally feeling the effects of my niece’s stomach bug- poor BC):

IMG_9069 (2)

It was much chillier on this side of the park than in the foothills but it was really pleasant.

IMG_9072 (2)

A big tree trunk rain shelter. It was cool to walk through the tree trunk. It would have made a cool tiny house.

IMG_9074 (2)

Sequoia National Park is a surprise highlight of the trip. Not too crowded, good hiking,  and a good campsite made this place a winner. In planning a National Park Roadtrip, I’d skip Joshua Tree and spend an extra day in Sequoia- a good place to feel small in the world.  Coming up next is nearby Kings Canyon National Park (ever heard of it?).

Reader Question: Have you ever been to Sequoia or Redwood- anywhere with giant trees? How did they make you feel?

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  1. Chaitali says:

    Wow, those trees are amazing! I’ve never been there in person but would love to go. A friend was just telling me about Joshua Tree so that’s interesting you think it’s one to skip.

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