Getting Lost in Tierra del Fuego National Park, Argentina

My last day at the End of the Earth was another great day filled explorations, even a few unexpected ones. Tierra del Fuego National Park is a 20 minute drive outside of Ushuaia and is a sightseeing mecca for hikers, campers, and tour buses.


We had a really cool view from our hotel of the harbor but the naked mannequins hanging out ruined the view Smile

IMG_2266 (1)

While my fellow tourmates were out visiting the penguins for a second time, I caught my van transportation at the bus station in Ushuaia and they explained that pickups are every 2 hours at certain sites in the park.


The Coastal Trail along Ensenada Bay, a part of the Beagle Channel is about 5 miles with medium difficulty. After hiking through Torres del Paines and in El Calafate this seemed easy (yay!). The weather was a bit dreary but the rain mostly held off.

The start of the trail begins at the End of the Earth, Southernmost Post Office, a functioning post office and a place to get an End of the Earth stamp, if that is something you enjoy. My passport tends to get to full quickly so I don’t go for the novelty stamps given out in cool places.

DSC00273 (2)

Post office with a view:

DSC00279 (2)

The trail itself was really pretty at the beginning with great mountain and bay views.


Eventually the views waned and I was ready to be done. Now comes the point where I got lost. I had enough time (an hour) to do another short trail nearby so I hopped on it. But that trail which was supposed to be 200 meters was in no way 200 meters.

IMG_2316 (2)

At one point I ended up going in a circle and the van pickup time back to Ushuaia was looming very close. Basically I started running and ended up flagging down the van in the middle of the road, not at the pickup point. Luckily the van driver laughed at me and let me on. Whew! That was close!

IMG_2272 (3)

Back in Ushuaia after a long shower and eating my king crab leftovers, I did some shopping and sightseeing around town. Ushuaia is not very big so a walking tour in town will not take more than an hour.


The penguin tour returned eventually and we all went out for one last dinner as a group. It was a good one too. I had seafood- shocker! Seabass, shrimps, and more for me.

IMG_2321 (2)

Plus a baked apple with ice cream for dessert:

IMG_2323 (2)

Antarctica was not in the cards for me this trip but hopefully someday I’ll be back to Ushuaia to catch a cruise to the icy continent!

Up next are Buenos Aires Adventures! The spicy city has everything you could ask for in a home base for an adventure vacation.

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