Getting Lost on Les Saintes, Guadeloupe

Les Saintes is a small island just off the coast of Basse-Terre and Grande-Terre, Guadeloupe. Mom and I visited Basse-terre last year and had a good little time so I was pretty excited about Les Saintes.

IMG_9473 (2)

Fort Napoleon resides at the top of a monstrous hill. It is the number 1 thing to do on Les Saintes (besides visiting the beaches) so I was insistent that we do this. But it was about 95 degrees and super-uphill. Mom bailed early on after some walkers told us how miserable the hike up was for them. Mom and I agreed to meet at a certain beach in a while. (Remember our phones don’t work)

IMG_8762 (2)

I hiked all the way up and it was pretty. $5 entry fee for an art museum, gardens, but mostly for the views.

IMG_9483 (2)

To say I was a sweaty ball would be putting it mildly. The stroll downhill was quick and got to what I thought was our meeting beach in good time. I asked two different people if this was Baie de Marigot to which they replied yes. It was not a nice beach and hardly anyone was there, Mom was for surely not. I tried to look around for her and came upon a locked gate which made me figure Mom had moved past the crappy beach in search of something better.

Goats everywhere:

IMG_9484 (2)

If you know my mom this is a silly thought. She can be distracted by Diet Coke and shopping but has the worst sense of direction ever  and would immediately be lost.

IMG_8768 (2)

My hike to the next beach Plage Pompierre was a long one in the sun. Plage Pompierre was amazing though. Definitely the best beach all trip. I saw some familiar faces and asked if they had seem Mom, no dice. I enjoyed the beach for a bit and to rest. So gorgeous!

IMG_8773 (2)

On the way back to the ugly beach to search one more time, Mom came walking down the road! Apparently there was a way around the locked gate to take you to Marigot Beach.  Yep, bypassing the locked gate didn’t occur to me.

I told Mom about the best beach of the trip so far, she was jealous but we were over the hot sun at this point. Hiking back into town (yes hiking everywhere because there are no taxis, everyone drives an electric car or Vespa), we shopped.

IMG_9489 (2)

These crab pastries from a roadside stand were delicious! Since this is a French island pastries were in abundance. And the French do bread and pastries so well.

IMG_9490 (2)

I got pooped on in the park when we sat down to enjoy them by a bird who was mad I didn’t share, so we decided to shop. (I always get pooped on Sad smile , ugh)

IMG_9491 (2)

Ice cream was the only thing I purchased.  My guava ice cream was the best! Mom had berry.

IMG_8775 (2)

That is it for our adventures in Les Saintes. If you do find yourself in Guadeloupe, take the ferry over to Les Saintes for a day to visit……. Beach and explore the quaint waterfront for a bit. It is totally worth it.


Reader Question: Have you ever been pooped on while traveling? I got hit two different times at Trevi Fountain in Rome!

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  1. Pretty views… but so hot for a hike!! GOod for you for sticking through it!
    I got pooped on in high school…. it was this Florida outdoor school with a big patio roof that birds nested it. It was almost a right of passage to get pooped on!

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