Getting the Lay of the Land in Fargo, ND

A big hello from Fargo, North Dakota! A trip to Fargo may not be on everyone’s bucket list but it was on mine- North Dakota is my 49th state in the US visited! It has been a goal of mine to get to all 50 so all I needed was a reason to visit.


The Go Far Woman’s Half Marathon, 10K, and 5K was my “reason” for visiting in that I just needed an event to plan my trip around. Flying into Fargo was easy with a layover in Minneapolis. And I got the money seat- exit row, no one ahead of me and it was free!


My goal in Fargo on Friday night was to get a lay of the land, get my race packed from Scheels Arena,  and find some pasta to carb load.

I Ubered out to the packet pickup and back. The expo was small but they had kid races that day and even baby races. It was the funniest thing to watch the parents attempt to coax their babies across the mat to the other parent.


Downtown Fargo is a fun, trendy area with loads of coffee shops, restaurants, music venues, and shops. The Fargo Theatre and its amazing art deco roots was having a band play that night and shows artsy, independent movies during the day.


On my walk I ran into Toscana, an Italian place,  which was Google and Yelp loved. I ended up eating dinner here and ordered the spaghetti with vodka sauce.


A Caesar salad to start and a glass of wine from the Alexander Valley wine region of California I just visited.

IMG_0603 (3)

My food at Toscana hit the spot and I totally ate whole thing! I was carbed up for sure.  I made it a very early night since I had to get up at 5am to do my pre-race activities and catch the shuttle to the start line by 7am. I am staying at the Radisson Hotel in downtown Fargo, which hilariously is the 2nd tallest building in North Dakota with its 16 floors. The huge windows made me so happy because I loved the views.

IMG_0607 (2)

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  1. Kacy says:

    That pasta sounds delicious! I would definitely be up for a Fargo trip as well. I love the movie and the TV show (the first two seasons anyway). Congrats on ticking off your 49th state!

  2. How much fun!! So cool this is the 49th one!! I feel like I should know this… but what is #50?

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