Giants Things- California Roadtrip

The end of any vacations strikes at your emotions- whether glad to get back to “real life”, pets, and your own bed or sadness that an adventure is coming to an end. With one day left of our California roadtrip we made the most of it by seeing lots of giant things- like giant statues and Avenue of the Giants.

IMG_0288 (2)

Not too far outside of Redwood National Park is the strange giant statues of Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox at the roadside stop called Trees of Mystery. We stopped for a photo op of course.

IMG_9364 (2)

Inside the Trees of Mystery are more Redwood trees in unusual formations. That didn’t really pique my interest so we marveled at the giant blue ox and moved on.

Luckily we stopped for snacks (a lot of snacks!) because curvy roads can make me feel sick if I am on an empty stomach. Sugar always makes me feel better!


And we found a gas station that was really gourmet and had all sort of goodies like seaweed salad and deviled eggs- you have to love California! They also had normal junk food too. The new Smartfood Caramel + Cheese popcorn mix is my favorite but it hasn’t made it’s way into Maryland yet making BC very sad.


Avenue of the Giants is a curvy, nausea-inducing road lined with big  and ancient Redwood trees. We were pretty much tapped out on looking at trees after a few days in Redwood National Park so we drove the road and was happy when it was over. Of note, they do have a marathon here, my sister ran it once. If you are going to run 26.2 miles, you might as well do it while looking at interesting and pretty things.

The roadtrip continued as we drove south towards are campground for the night in Petaluma. Boredom and hunger set in eventually so I directed Bertha our Jucy van towards Geyserville, California- a cute, little town in wine country.

IMG_0330 (2)

I used the Yelp app to find the best of Geyserville. We went to Mercury Wine on the main strip in the downtown of Geyserville and one of the two brothers who own it, tasted wine with us.  He was hilarious and also slightly drunk I think. I ended up purchasing  a bottle of Tempranillo to take home. Our wine guide told us we had to go eat at Diavola Restaurant and Pizzeria two doors down from Mercury Wine.


The artwork in this place kept the two of use entertained. We pondered great thoughts of getting our pets, Cyrus and Punky, to dress up and pose like this.


Our pizza was amazing. We devoured the whole thing, thought about ordering more but opted to not act like it was fat kid Sunday and licked our lips all the way back to the van.  Two thumbs up for stopping in Geyserville.


And with that our California adventures have come to an end. Next up  I made it to my 49th state- North Dakota!!! Stayed tuned to see and read about the state you probably haven’t visited Smile

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  1. Chaitali says:

    Wow, that’s pretty impressive for gas station food! I love Smart Food and intrigued by that caramel and cheddar mix.

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