Glendale Glitters with the Family

Christmas in Arizona is a warm, non-snowy affair. This year so is the rest of the United States- it is actually colder in Phoenix than Baltimore! This Christmas Eve the family drove to Glendale, Arizona to see Glendale Glitters– advertised as 16 blocks of lights and family fun.

Glendale Glitters trees

The main square in downtown Glendale was awesome! Over 1.5 million lights are strung around the trees for some Christmas sparkle at Glendale Glitters. This blue and silver tree was my favorite of the bunch.

Glendale Glitters favorite tree

My niece preferred the purple and pink trees so we did a photo op with them in the background for her.

Glendale Glitters purple trees

There were horse and carriage rides on the square but there was nothing else going on- actually it was quite boring once you looked at all the trees and picked out your favorites. I guess there is more to do on the weekends.

Glendale Glitters

Around the square were a few cute shops and restaurants but no where I’d take 3 small kids. Some day we will be back to go to Haus Murphy’s– a German restaurant and Biergarten. It looked really good- especially to my sister and brother-in-law who lived in Germany for a while and miss the beer and food. I definitely miss the giant, delicious beers from Germany!

Glendale Glitters selfie

On Christmas Eve we did some last minute shopping and found some fake snow for the kids. Phoenix kids get the shaft on experiencing four seasons.

IMG_4828 (2)

The kids were happy playing in the snow for the 10 minutes it lasted.


Later in the evening were normal Christmas Eve activities- jumping rope with an electrical cord (not the best idea we know), eating cookies, and hanging out with family.


It was a fun little Christmas in Arizona with my nieces and nephew.

IMG_4846 (2)

I’m not looking forward to the airport and flight home. I keep hearing horror stories about cancelled flights, delays, broken planes, and gigantic lines. Ah the joys of flying.

IMG_4848 (2)

Reader question: How was your Christmas? Did you do anything fun? Do you have an airport story?

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  1. Mom says:

    Grinch! Glendale Glitters was amazing, boring it wasn’t!

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