Go Far Woman Run- Fargo, ND

After flying into Fargo the afternoon prior, I was up at 5am to drink coffee, dress in my running gear, and catch the hotel shuttle to the Go Far Woman Run at Scheels Arena in Fargo, North Dakota. The Go Far Woman Run consisted of a half marathon, 10K, 5K, and half marathon relay, totaling 1000 runners. I signed up for the 10K.


The morning of the race it was a cool 60 degrees and sunny- the most glorious running weather I can imagine having in August. The course was really pretty through mostly parks and a few neighborhoods with Fargo residents cheering us on. I made friends with another woman who was at a similar pace and we ran about 5 miles together and finished together. My goal was to make it in under an hour- and I made it! 58:21 (9:20/mile). I was proud I went that fast without training too much and keeping up with my new friend.

IMG_0611 (2)_LI

There were some hunky firefighters handing out medals at the end. That was nice but I was more excited about the popsicles and water. #priorities

IMG_0615 (2)

My race swag:

IMG_0616 (2)

Like most people, after any run all I can think about is food. I showered up back at the Radisson in downtown Fargo and walked 2 blocks to the Red River Farmer’s Market which is my new favorite thing.

IMG_0617 (2)

IMG_0634 (2)

There were fruit and vegetable stands, baked goods, coffee, pickles, flowers, but most importantly food and booze stands. The food all looked so good but the minute I saw the Poke Bowl food truck, I knew I had to get one.

IMG_0618 (2)

I went for the ahi tuna bowl and devoured the delicious tuna, avocado, seaweed salad, roe, rice, and siracha combination while sitting in a lawn chair and listened to a local songwriter/singer make lively music on the stage.

IMG_0623 (2)

The Red River Market in Fargo also has booze stands with local vodkas, gins, wine, and beer. I hit up one of the beer stands, Drekker Brewing Company, for a tasting before deciding on the Coconut Killer IPA. It sounds horrible and I made icky faces at the guy giving me tastes of the different options because I thought I would hate it. This is why you should try everything once. Coconut Killer was fantastic.

IMG_0632 (2)

I hung out and made a few new friends- mostly dog owners who’s dogs were trying to get to my beer and poke bowl. At this point it is 10am and I need a nap.  A 5am wakeup call, 6. 2 miles, and a beer will do that to you! Back for more from Fargo in a bit.

Reader Question; Do you judge a beer by it’s name? Would you have tried a beer called Coconut Killer IPA or passed it by?

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