Good Eats in New York City

Eating in New York City is always a treat. The food is always top-notch and there are so many options. This trip we had the New York staples of pizza, bagels, and Italian. Pizza stop #1 was at Tappo Thin Crust Pizza in the Flatiron District near our hotel.

Tappo Thin Crust pizza pancetta and arugula

We both inhaled our personal pies- Prosciutto and arugula for me and BBQ pork for BC. John’s on Bleecker St. remains BC’s favorite pizza in NYC to date and world-famous Lombardi’s on Mulberry and Mott St. does the trick for me.

Tappo Thin Crust pizza BBQ pork

On our first day in New York we walked a total of 9.2 miles. The second we racked up even more mileage to 10.1. Basically we were getting plenty of exercise and needed to fuel up.

I did not eat at Dough but was sorely tempted. It is officially on my list for my next trip to New York. Bagels will always be king in my heart but the occasional donut taste test won’t hurt anything right? Smile

New York City Dough

See you next time amazing donuts.

In Union Square are two of my favorite New York things: Strand bookstore and Num Pang Sandwich shop. I spent an hour wandering around Strands checking out the new and used fiction, non-fiction, and travel sections. I love gigantic bookstores that sell used books, saving a little money for someone who reads a lot.

Strand bookstore basement

Num Pang’s amazing sandwiches have made an appearance on the blog before- the 6 spiced pork belly to be exact. BC and I had split up so he could go see a Star Wars costume exhibit while I did some shopping and he was super-bummed he missed out on the pork belly sandwich.

Num Pang Sandwich Pork Belly

To be honest, I didn’t need the whole thing. Half would have been perfect. Num Pang is a tiny store with 6 stools, most of which were taken. This place hops!

If you want to do fancy dinner in New York City, there is no shortage of places. Occasionally we do the fancy dinner thing but not too often. Our “fancy” dinner night was more relaxed than most places in New York but I loved it! I found Rafele on Trip Advisor listed as the #8 best restaurant behind some of those $50 entrée places.

Rafele grilled octopus

But Rafele was reasonably prices, so much so we ordered some grilled octopus for an appetizer because it looked fun. I love looking around at what everyone else orders. Yes, I am that person Smile

The bread was amazing! The dip was a marinated eggplant caponata that was the best thing on the table- BC and I were both big fans.

Rafele bread basket

I ordered the gnocchi alla sorrentina since I love all things gnocchi.  They did not disappoint- fluffy pillows of potato-y goodness, baked with cheese and sauce.

Rafele gnocchi alla sorrentina

If you find yourself in the West Village, go to Rafele for dinner and order some pasta!

Big Gay Ice cream NYC

The only real disappointment was dessert after Rafele. Down the street was Big Gay Ice Cream which I have seen on the Cooking Channel before. This place is decorated fabulously with many odes to the Golden Girls.

Big Gay Ice Cream decorations

We ordered the Bea Arthur- vanilla ice cream, dulce de leche topping, and crushed Nilla wafers. It was a good ice cream cone but not $5 good- overpriced soft serve with a side of grumpy service.

Big Gay Ice Cream Bea Arthur

Oh well, not everything can be amazing.

Our trip Christmas trip to New York was fun and filled with good travel and food  memories. I can’t wait to come back to see and experience more of New York City!

Reader Question: What is your favorite restaurant/food stand in NYC?

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