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Grand Teton National Park

From Yellowstone National Park we drove into Grand Teton National Park. Thankfully, the forest fire that was block the road between the two parks was under control and the rangers were able to reopen the road. Otherwise that would have been one heck of a detour to the Teton South entrance.

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Our first stop was Coulter Bay for some coffee and hiking. The Visitor’s Center at Coulter Bay advertised that they had free WIFI but it wasn’t working for us so we quickly set off on the hiking trail that started behind it that was parallel to the water for the first half o the hike.

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Randomly about 1/2 mile into the hike, our cell phones started buzzing with days of lost text messages and emails. It turns out the WIFI signal worked wonderfully in the middle of the hike.  It was so random. We started playing on our phones and some fellow hikers caught up to us, who were I’m sure thought we were nuts since there is not normally a signal around. We hadn’t had any signal in days so we were excited for that 10 minutes of connection!

We defaced someone else’s rock heart for our own benefit:

IMG_7356 (2)

After Coulter Bay we drove windy, mountain road up to the overlooks of Signal Mountain. I did this with Mom on a clear day a few years ago and it was pretty cool. This trip it was a bit cloudy and the Tetons were mostly hidden.

IMG_7357 (2)

I kept telling BC that the views will get better once those clouds go away! I think he half believed me.

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For our second hike of the day we set off for Taggart Lake after a picnic lunch in the trailhead parking lot. Armed with our bear spray we set off for the 3 mile roundtrip hike.  Unfortunately I got us lost and we ended up at Bradley Lake instead.

IMG_8751 (2)

Oops!  Our little detour also made the hike a lot longer with quite a few more hills.

IMG_7377 (2)

Taggart Lake off in the distance- we found it!

IMG_7375 (2)

Eventually we made it to Taggart Lake for the sun to come out and saw the gorgeous mountain that stand tall over Taggart Lake.

The money shot:

Taggart Lake

And one with me!

IMG_8769 (2)

A quick break at the south Visitor’s Center for a potty stop and some more free WIFI revealed these awesome views through the Visitor’s Center windows.  They sure know how to build a visitor’s center here!

IMG_7388 (2)

It was very close to dinner time and sundown by the time we made to through the park so food was on my mind.  Bubba’s BBQ is a favorite of my family’s so I twisted BC’s arm to eat BBQ for dinner. (j/k BC lives for meat and BBQ!).

IMG_7389 (2)

I did start out with their awesome salad bar since veggies are not too easy to get in the middle of National Parks.  Hot dogs yes, healthy veggies- no. The salad bar filled me up because I took most of the brisket in a to-go box and made an awesome brisket sandwich the next day for lunch.

With our new food babies filled with Bubba’s BBQ we made our way to the nearby KOA outside Jackson Hole to bed down for the night.  Our spot was awesome- it overlooked the Snake River. The sound of the rushing water made me have to pee all night but it was a heck of a campsite and perfect for sitting by the fire.

IMG_8772 (2)

More from Jackson Hole, Wyoming soon!

Reader question: Have you ever gotten lost on a hike? Did you end up somewhere cool or just grumpy?

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