Granville Island, Vancouver

Granville Island might be my favorite place in Vancouver and it was a happy accident about how we ended up there. This trip I did almost no research because my mom was in charge. She had been to Vancouver before  so she had ideas of things to do and see. The only thing  saw when she handed me the guidebook was Farmers Market Thursdays at the Public Market on Granville Island. So we added that onto the to-do list.


The first thing I saw inside the Public Market on Granville Island was the fruit stand filled with local strawberries and Asian delicacies like red dragonfruit, mangos, rambutans, and mangosteen.


I purchased to of my beloved mangosteen that I’ve only ever have seen (and eaten) in Thailand and Indonesia. I love mangosteen. They are the little purple nuggets on the right. Rambutans are the hairy magenta balls on the left. 

20180531_153037 (2)

Mom found the chocolate brownie bakery and I drooled long and hard at all these amazing sounding macrons.

20180531_162931 (2)

The market was packed! While Thursdays were deemed Farmer’s Market Thursdays there were only a few extra tables set up for them with rhubarb, greens, and a few root veggies. It is still early in the growing season in Vancouver.

20180531_162946 (2)

A whole section of the market is dedicated to food stalls perfect for lunch. It was nice enough to sit at the picnic tables outside today and everyone in Vancouver seemed to have the idea to eat lunch here today. My Greek lunch of spinach pie, Greek salad, and yogurt sauce was fresh and delicious.


There are lots of shops to explore and I almost purchased a cat shirt for BC but they didn’t have it in the right size. It would have been an epic purchase.


While there is industry on Granville Island there is also a huge kids section with playgrounds and fun zones. Also there was a good looking brewery- the aptly named Granville Island Brewery.


The vibe here was chill, the street musicians were good, the market was fantastic, and I’m so glad we made it here.


The back story is that my mom hurt her foot right before vacation by getting a broken part of a 2×4 wooden board jammed into her foot. She wasn’t going to be able to walk far so we signed up for the hop-on, hop-off bus run by Gray Line. Long story short, 2 buses broke down, there were a hundred people in line to board the next bus that held 30 people, and were now running once an hour versus every 15 minutes. We got a refund, grabbed a cab, and set off for Granville Island instead. Best decision ever.  (side note: I despise hop on/hop off buses!)

After a wonderful afternoon on Granville Island we wandered back to our hotel for a break. We stayed at the new boutique Hotel Blu on Robson Street. On our walk back there was a big hub-bub with police and fire trucks. Apparently a car drove into a convenience store- eek!


Dinner plans turned into happy hour after we heard about the great deals at Fanny Bay Oyster Bar. It won best happy hour in Vancouver in 2016 and was near the hotel so we hopped over to check it out. Hotel Blu also gave us a coupon for an extra 10% off. We got a deal! Our order included beer, fried pickles, fish and chips, and scallop ceviche. Two thumbs up!

20180531_175605 (2)

The Gelato Express around the corner topped off the meal and was completely unnecessary but awesome. Strawberry cheesecake gelato for me and Salted Caramel for mom. And I’m officially too stuffed to move.

20180531_183202 (2)

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