Guadeloupe Vacation Wrap-Up

My Guadeloupe vacation is over Sad smile A quick 4 hour non-stop journey from Baltimore-Washington Airport put Guadeloupe within reach for me. My roundtrip flight ended up costing $220. Well worth it for this fun long weekend.

My favorite thing from the whole trip to Guadeloupe was the view of the Caribbean Sea from the infinity pool at Inifiniti Blue Guesthouse. If I had an automatic transmission car, I would seriously consider living here.

Guadeloupe Vacation Infiniti Blue guesthouse

I would float in the pool all day long.

My favorite food from the trip was fresh fruit. For breakfast everyday we had fresh fruit from the island. Most of it I had no idea what exactly what it was but who cares, it was yummy.

Guadeloupe Vacation fruit for breakfast

The little markets on the sides of the road sell fresh fruit and my favorite baby bananas!

Guadeloupe Vacation roadside fruit stand

I bought a bunch to snack on. They are a little sweeter than bananas we are used to and are really, really tasty.

Guadeloupe Vacation baby bananas

There were really no issues with mosquitos on our Guadeloupe trip. Like most tropical countries in the Western Hemisphere, the Zika virus is here too. I used bug spray at night but not because I was having problems with mosquitos. It was more of a preventative measure.

We had mosquito nets over the bed.

Guadeloupe Vacation mosquito nets

And this awesome tiny tennis racket is a mosquito killer! There is a button to press while you swing a the mosquitos. It electrocutes them! It is such a neat little gadget but only had the need to use it once the whole trip.

Guadeloupe Vacation mosquito killer

The weather was perfect- in the 80ā€™s everyday, not too humid with a few showers lasting a couple of minutes.Ā  Mostly it was sunny and gorgeous weather. It certainly beat the February weather back home.

Guadeloupe Vacation me at Infiniti Blue

I got some swimming time in the infinity pool. Next time I need to remember to reapply my sun block after getting out of the pool!

Guadeloupe Vacation me in the infinity pool

The floating air mattresses in the pool were so lovely. It was hot in the sun and floating in the pool was a good cool-off activity.

Guadeloupe Vacation Infiniti Blue pool

Since we were on the nature side of the Guadeloupe, the flora was colorful and in abundance.

Guadeloupe Vacation purple flowers

Guadeloupe Vacation flora

Iā€™m eager to explore the flat side of Guadeloupe, Grand-Terre. I saw photos from some women on the airplane ride home and the beaches were white sand and the terrain flat. A black sand beach is quite a sight to see though.

Guadeloupe Vacation black sand Malendure Beach

This Guadeloupe vacation was an excellent, fun, and quick trip. If you live in Boston, New York, or Baltimore, cheap flights are available on Norwegian Air for the time being. Find a good deal and plan a week or long weekend in the Caribbean.

Guadeloupe Vacation infiniti blue guesthouse

Iā€™m on another airplane today heading to Kauai! Stop back to read about my Hawaiian adventures!

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  1. What a nice trip. Pretty pool and tropical fruit breakfast is my idea of happiness šŸ™‚
    Kauai? I’m beyond jealous and very happy for you šŸ™‚

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